Applying for Australian Visa? It Just Got Easy!

It’s time to book your flights to the Land Down Under. July 1st onward, Indian passport holders will have an option of applying for their Australian visa online. By Pallavi Mehra

Amid news from the US about Trump changing visa regulations for Indians, it’s a relief to hear that the Australian government is making it easier us to apply for Australian Visitor Visas. Currently, Indian passport holders can apply for only some visa-types online such as Student, Temporary Work, Training, Prospective Marriage, and Sponsored Family Visitor visas. Post July 1st, 2017 Indians will be able to apply for Visitor Visas online as well.




Australian Visa


What’s also great is that you can make your visa payment online and check the status of your application immediately after. With anytime, anywhere accessibility, you can finalize your travel arrangements without any hesitation. With benefits such as online tracking, unpredictability will be removed from the process and save you a lot of time and money. As a result, the visa processing time will be reduced drastically.


Presently, the visa processing time is very unpredictable and ranges from anything between 48 hours to 20 days. This is due to numerous reasons, including peak travel times, popular visa office locations and an increase in the number of people applying for Australian Visitor Visas over the years.



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