Assam’s Only Hill Station Haflong Is The Weekend Getaway You Did Not Know You Needed

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The lush landscapes, cotton clouds, rolling green valleys, and magnificent hills are just some of the reasons that make Assam‘s Haflong a very popular getaway option. Read below to know why you need to consider the ‘Mini Switzerland of The Northeast’ for your next domestic getaway. By Angira Kar

Assam’s only hill town of Haflong offers a pocketful of adventures to the discerning traveller who is looking to feed his/her wanderlust soul. You can drive to the southside of Haflong, to a place called Jatinga that is strangely popular for its mysterious bird suicides. Usually, during the months of September and October, thousands of birds fly to this place and are believed to commit suicide, even though a couple of theories declare suicide a misnomer for this phenomenon. The locals supposedly hunt the birds as they believe that these birds are spirits flying in from the skies to terrorize them.

When here, you can also enjoy the wide variety of orchids, especially the purple ones, that makes Jatinga famous to its visitors. Enjoy boating at the marvellous Haflong lake to dissolve all the weariness of your everyday life, or host a little picnic in the lap of nature with your loved ones.

Next on your list should be the town of Maibong, situated 48 kilometres away from Haflong. This quaint little place is replete with hills, waterfalls, and historical relics. Pay a visit to the Fiangpui Garden to soothe your soul with a gentle breeze running through your hair and the beauty of the lush green hills in the distance. The Panimoor Waterfalls should be on your itinerary too. The irresistible beauty of the roaring water cascading down the hills is not to be missed.

You can also plan treks to the villages around the waterfalls to discover the distinctive lifestyle of the villagers of the area. You can also trek to the Borail hills and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Barak valley.

Haflong is a place that binds together the cultures of many tribes that are just waiting to be recognised. Take pleasant strolls through the town to discover new places, markets, and delicacies of Assam.

Where To Stay

There are many comfortable hotels and resorts around Haflong for you to stay in. Nhoshring Guest House, The Landmark Hotel and Nathao Lodge are a few noteworthy choices.

At the Panimoor Waterfalls area, there’s a beautiful Forest Inspection Bungalow, which you can book in advance as it can only accommodate a few tourists at a time.

How To Get There

Fly to the Guwahati Airport or the Silchar Airport, and take a cab or a bus to Haflong from there. You can also avail trains from Guwahati to reach the Haflong railway station.

The headquarters of the Dima Hasao district, Assam’s Haflong is the perfect amalgamation of rich culture and natural beauty.

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