As you trot around and explore the Asian continent, make sure to eat at these prestigious dining venues; this list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia is the stuff bucket lists are made up of. By Rashima Nagpal


Odette, Singapore

Chef Julien Royer’s enchanting pastel-toned Modern French Cuisine restaurant in Singapore is a “loving tribute” to his grandmother.

Gaggan, Bangkok

Book a table before Asia’s favourite “eccentric” restaurant closes in 2020, is all we’ll say.

Den, Tokyo

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Tokyo’s kaiseki restaurant, Den, charms with Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa’s home-style food.

Suhring, Bangkok

A 1970’s villa-turned German restaurant, run by twin brothers Thomas and Mathias, Sühring’s hamburger (apparently the smallest in the world) is it’s claim to fame.

Florilege, Tokyo

At French-inspired Florilege in Tokyo, “there are 11 thoughts into each dish” that is personally served by Chef Hiroyasu Kawate.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai

A story in 20 courses, Chef Paul Pairet’s multi-sensory dining experience need no introduction. Come prepared to eat blindfolded, just in case.

Mume, Taipei

Think the best of local, fresh, Taiwan food served to perfection.

Narisawa, Tokyo

The Satoyama-inspired cuisine Yoshihiro Narisawa serves at this other Tokyo gem is as visually enchanting as it is to the palate.

Nihonryori Ryugin, Tokyo

Be here to cherish a taste of the best of umami.

Burnt Ends, Singapore

If the thought of hearty modern Australian barbequed food is mouth-watering, this is where you should head when in Singapore.

The Chairman, Hong Kong

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo, Hong Kong

Mingles, Seoul


La Cime, Osaka, Japan

Belon, Hong Kong

A neo-Parisian bistro showcasing French-rooted yet locally influenced cooking.

Gaa , Bangkok

Indian Accent, India

India’s best continues to be on the list of Asia’s best.

Il Ristorante — Luca Fantin, Tokyo

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Risotto con variazioni di funghi リゾット キノコのヴァリエーション Risotto with a variety of mushroom _ @ Il Ristorante Luca Fantin, Ginza, Tokyo (Oct 2018) _ If I have to pick one dish that really speaks about why Chef Luca is doing an extraordinary job in bringing Italian tradition to a new level, I think it is this mushroom risotto dish. _ This time Chef Luca did not substitute with Japanese rice for his risotto, something you will find very common in Japan. He used Italian Carnaroli rice and made a risotto with the bottom / stem part of the mushroom, and then covered it with the carpaccio of the cap of the mushroom (hence the beautiful red rims). There was no butter used. _ Normally when you have risotto it gives you a creamy, rich and wholesome feeling with all the cooked ingredients but it is also filling and quite monotonous. This dish was just the opposite. The richness came from the rice and mushroom and not heavy at all, and the raw mushroom carpaccio gave it crunch and freshness, like it brought this place to life with a more vivid dimension. _ And there is rarely a risotto that looks amazing in presentation and color, this one did it with nothing but its original ingredient, the mushroom! So gorgeous. _ Every bite I kept thinking this was so genius. This is how you update and upgrade traditional recipes into more sophisticated flavor and appearance without compromising the integrity of the dish. As I mentioned I believe it is incredibly hard to do for homey Italian cooking, and I think Chef Luca nailed it.

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Bo.lan, Bangkok

Best Thai food ever?

Le Du, Bangkok

The spirit of this restaurant is as lively and young as its Chef ThiTid Tassanakajohn.

Amber, Hong Kong

Nahm, Bangkok

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English is below⬇️ この日の夜はお友達のかおりさんご夫婦の協力を得て、久しぶりのNahmでディナー。実は最近シェフが変わって前よりグッと食べやすくなったと聞いて楽しみにしていました。というのも過去3回ほど来てますが、その度に辛すぎ、塩辛い、味付けが斬新すぎるといった感じで正直私には良さがわかりにくかったんですが、新しいシェフに変わったお料理は本当にどれを食べても絶品でした‼️特に普段あまり好みではないホーモックプラー(魚のスフレ風カレー)がここのはお米のチップと一緒に食べるとめちゃくちゃ美味しいではありませんか‼️かなり目から鱗でした。トムヤムクンも濃厚な出汁がきいていて独特な風味だけど美味しくて、最後のデザートまでハズレなし。新しいシェフのNahmはこれなら頻繁に通いたいな〜と思えるレストランと変貌を遂げていました。お値段は若干以前より高めですが、行く価値ありますよ。今回はマッコがお肉を食べれないので魚介メインのセレクションだったので、次回はお肉メインで食べてみたいです❤️ちなみにバンコク版ミシュランを去年も今年も一つ星獲得⭐️してます👍 We had a dinner with my friend Kaori and Yon-Kun. They helped me to ordering foods. I was told that owner chef has changed since last time I came here. And everything we had this night was super delicious. Honestly, I never thought this is the place for me because last three time I visited here was pretty disappointed. Because most foods are too spicy, too salty or too originally for me. Although this time, I really love all foods we had. Especially fish soufflé curry was surprisingly impressive. I usually don’t care for it, but their version was very tasty. So I was very satisfied until the end. I definitely will come back repeatedly and wanna try meats dishes next time, because we had mostly seafood this time because my friend Makko cannot eat meats. It’s little pricey but worth it. By the way, this restaurant got Michelin One Star last year and this year. – – – #bangkok #bkk #bangkokfoodies #bangkokfood #bangkokfoodie #foodie #foodporn #instafood #バンコク #バンコクグルメ #海外生活 #バンコク在住 #バンコク暮らし #バンコク生活 #食べ歩き #食通倶楽部 #食いしん坊万歳 #バンコク食べ歩き #タイ料理 #ミシュラン一つ星 #ミシュラン #ミシュランガイド #ミシュランバンコク #michelin #michelinstar #michelinguide #michelinbkk #michelinguidebkk #michelinguidebangkok #michelinbangkok

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Sazenka, Tokyo

La Maison de La Nature Goh, Fukuoka, Japan

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昨夜は月イチの定例会・五周年を記念して、西中洲の「ラ・メゾン・ドゥ・ラ・ナチュールゴウ」さんへ( ´∀`) 今回は五周年記念なので8000円のコースをお願いしました(*^^*) コチラでは毎回、最初のアミューズからいきなり度肝を抜かれますが、 今回も凄かった(≧▽≦)💦❗❗❗❗❗❗ pic②の甘夏とカボチャのムースをコンソメのジュレで覆って、雲丹と蟹の身をのせたもの。 カボチャの甘味とコンソメの塩気が見事なほど融合して、極上の旨さに(≧▽≦)💦 あ~もう、あ~もうもう、 初っぱなから激しく激しくヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ ヒャッホゥです❗❗❗❗❗❗ 次いでお馴染みの前菜四点盛り。相変わらずどれもこれも手が込んでて非常に美味です(*^^*) そして、店員さんが「ウチの代表メニュー」と言い切ったのが、pic①( ゜o゜) リゾットの上に椎茸とアワビ、ソースはほうれん草と焦がしバター。 肉厚の椎茸と柔らかいアワビが芳ばしくて仄かな苦味をともなうソースと合わさって、 もう、たまらなく美味しいのー(*´ω`*) もう一度言います。 もう、たまらなく美味しいのー(*´ω`*) 何度でも言います(笑) もう、たまらなく美味しいのー(*´ω`*) 魚介料理はオマール海老をカレー風味で仕上げたもの。上にのってるのは何とセロリの根っこを揚げたもの( ゜o゜) どっからこーゆー発想がでてくるんやろか(;・∀・) オマール海老はプリプリ💓セロリの根も凄く美味しい😆 残ったソースをトリュフオリーブオイルを纏わせたバゲットで掬っていただくと、 マジでのけ反る美味しさでした😂😂😂 メインは鹿児島産の牛のグリル。 添えられた玉ねぎは何と二時間もかけてローストされてるそう(((((゜゜;) 八女黒酢とブラックペッパーのソースとセロリのムースでいただけば、 そりゃもう激しく激しくヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ ヒャッホゥです❗❗❗❗❗❗ デザートでは嬉しいサプライズが😲 何も頼んでなかったのに、お店側から「五周年おめでとうございます」と、サプライズプレートいただきました😆😆😆 もう、これぞナチュールゴウさんの真骨頂(≧▽≦)💦 料理が美味しいだけじゃなく、ホントにホスピタリティ満載なんです❗❗❗ こんな素敵なお店はそうそう無いやろね😂😂😂 今回もメンバー全員、超超超超満足🍴🈵😆 またみんなで来ないとねっ♪ヽ(´▽`)/ 今宵も激しく幸せいっぱいに、おご馳走さまでした😋 #グルメ #ディナー #フレンチ #フランス料理 #記念日 #定例会 #福岡グルメ #福岡ディナー #福岡フレンチ #福岡フランス料理 #博多グルメ #博多ディナー #博多フレンチ #博多フランス料理 #中洲グルメ #中洲ディナー #中洲フレンチ #中洲フランス料理 #ゴウ #Goh #ナチュールゴウ #ラメゾンドゥラナチュールゴウ #lamaisondelanaturegoh #食スタグラム #福岡一予約のとれないフレンチレストラン #ひとくち食べる度に笑顔が溢れる #ホスピタリティ満載 #激しく激しく激しく激しく旨いです( ノД`)

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Sushi Saito, Tokyo

L’Effervescence, Tokyo

Jade Dragon, Macau

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Steamed glutinous rice with crab roe – My absolute favourite dish of the night. Given that the alternatives were a medley of abalone, lobster, caviar, and Kobe beef, this is quite a statement. The homely taste of glutinous rice that my grandma makes, topped with the season delicacy that is crab roe 🦀 🌎: Jade Dragon 🏆: 3 Michelin Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️; 35th on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 📍: Level 2, The Shops at The Boulevard, City of Dreams, Macau 🇲🇴 (@cityofdreamsmacau) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ryanfeasts #ryanfeastsMacau #cityofdreamsmacau #cityofdreams #CODMacau #jadedragon #jadedragonmacau #2michelinstars #celebritychef #ryanfeaststasting #byinvitation #michelinguide #michelinguidehkmo #michelininspectors #ryanfeastspilgrimage #chinesefood #tastingmenu #caviar #花膠 #fishmaw #ryanfeastsjadedragon

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Paste, Bangkok

Fu He Hui, Shanghai

RAW, Taipei

Shoun Ryugin, Taipei

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第一次來吃米其林🌟🌟二星的餐廳!好興奮😍 每一道菜只能用‘’精緻‘’來形容,仔細看餐具都是手工陶瓷燒製,每一道菜所搭配的茶都是挑選過的,總共有10道菜,菜單是用ㄧ個信封✉️放在裡面讓用餐者自行打開,前菜的甜蝦、口感很特別,海鮮都是當天從海港去挑選的很新鮮,服務人員很仔細的解說每ㄧ道菜,我很認真的聽、像在上課一樣🤩,這間餐廳2個多月前就訂了,ㄧ位難求,ㄧ個月只開15天,但ㄧ生來一次真的很值得,非常棒的晚餐!貴賓般的享受😍因為實在太難得了,忍不住打了ㄧ篇長長的分享文以後可以紀念😋慶祝賣場業績長紅😇 #michelin

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Jaan, Singapore

Les Amis, Singapore

Vea, Hong Kong

Ministry of Crab, Sri Lanka

Wing Lei Palace, Macau

Neighborhood, Hong Kong

Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

Nouri, Singapore

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Waku Ghin, Singapore

Toc Toc, Seoul

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Locavore, Bali

Toyo Eatery, Manila

Chef Jordy Navarra’s Toyo Eatery is the first Philippino restaurant on the list since 2017.

Seventh Son, Hong Kong

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Quintessence, Tokyo

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フレンチの神髄! 品川(御殿山)にある【カンテサンス】は、言わずと知れた、日本を代表するフランス料理店のひとつ🌟 今回、写真OKの個室だったので撮らせてもらったけど、どれもきらびやかで、洗練された一皿一皿のオンパレード🌞✨ フレンチは普段なかなか行かないジャンルなものの、トップクラスは未知なる世界観と火入れで、思わずうっとりしちゃうね☺️ – #東京グルメ #東京フレンチ #品川グルメ #カンテサンス #Quintessence #TokyoEats #個室あり #店名はフランス語で #神髄の意味 #オシャレに太る #このあと焼肉ハシゴ ▼ エリア&ジャンル検索 #フォーリンデブ品川 #フォーリンデブフレンチ

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Dewakan, Kuala Lumpur

It’s the first-ever restaurant in Malaysia to win a spot on this prestigious list.

Sugalabo, Tokyo

Sorn, Bangkok

Corner House, Singapore

Ta Vie, Hong Kong

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– An Early Summer with a Fresh Perspective – In May, we don’t simply celebrate the energy-filled season but also our 3rd anniversary. That's why Chef Hideaki Sato has revamped our dining experience with a more holistic 10-course tasting menu. Featuring delicacies across Asia in late spring and early summer, the new menu includes some of our guests’ all time favourites together with some of Chef Sato’s exquisite new creations, all illustrating the culinary philosophy behind – pure, simple and seasonal. Book now at Menu available at #ta_vie_hk #hideakisato #finedining #modernFrench #asiantouch #michelin #2stars #asias50best #summer #seasonal #culinaryart #foodphotography #chefstalk #chefslife

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