Is Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘Tourism Police’ The New Direction For States To Drive Tourism?

Arunachal Pradesh becomes the first North Eastern state of India to take the initiative of launching a service called ‘Tourism Police’. And as the name suggests, personnel involved will be responsible for boosting the tourism industry, and work for the betterment of travellers. By Japleen Kaur

Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh announced the launch, and has deployed police officers for this very specific duty across the seven districts of the state. These will be trained professionals with amicable soft skills, language experts, and will have a thorough knowledge about everything that is there to know about the state.

Apart from promoting the gorgeous hilly landscapes, and peaceful monasteries, these officers will have special skills to do deal with crimes involving women tourists. In fact, there is even an app called, Arunachal Suraksha Tourist Police, that has been designed to further the cause of creating a safe environment for travellers visiting the state.

So, the North East is definitely putting out all their cards on their table — when are you going to play?

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