Chennai-based environmentalist Arun Krishnamurthy is setting an example in the field of environment conservation through his continuous efforts. For him, taking care of nature comes before everything else, even his dream-job at Google. By Kumar Shree

At a point in one’s life when securing a job and going merry about life seems about it, Arun Krishnamurthy chose to leave it all and dedicate himself towards environment conservation. He launched an eco-movement back in 2007 aimed towards cleaning the lakes and ponds of Chennai to facilitate a healthy ecological balance. What was started by one man has now evolved into a full-fledged wildlife conservation group called the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) which goes by the slogan ‘Volunteer for India and her Environment with EFI’. 

Starting from Chennai, the 32-year-old Arun Krishnamurthy sought support from the local Panchayat. Once he realised his dream of seeing clean lakes with all the aquatic flora and fauna intact in his locality, he went on to implement the cleaning and restoration regimen in other cities and states as well. Today, he has cleaned around 93 lakes and ponds in 14 states of the country. 

Krishnamurthy has also managed to inspire the young generation of school-going kids to take part in his initiative. He has also attracted the attention of many environment-conservation veterans who come together to volunteer for the EFI. EFI also runs an interesting project named ‘Cyclakes,‘ which conducts a a weekend cycle tour for kids to these lakes. This project aims at making the entire process of igniting interest and concern towards nature and environment, fun and engaging.

In another initiative called ‘Wall-E’, the volunteers for EFI paint the local street walls with information about biodiversity. They do this so that people get to learn and familiarise themselves with the rich bio-diversity of the nation and its wildlife along with the different types of natural habitats that exist. Krishnamurthy also won The Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2012, which acknowledges individuals with an innovative outlook and a healing process towards the environment. We hope to get more heroes like Arun Krishnamurthy, even if we don’t deserve them. 

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