Art Series Hotel Group in Australia recently made news for offering guests an unusual service. Its ‘No Robe Package’ may be one of the many things you see trending in the years to come. By Jasmine Kaur


Sometime earlier this month, if you scrolled through the packages section on the website of the Art Series Hotel, you would have definitely paused at the “No Robe Package” to let the concept sink in and wonder, “what on earth does it mean?” A bizarre yet innovative concept, this package has created news all over.



Art Series Hotel



What did this package entail?


Guests got to pick any suite at an Art Series Hotel across Australia- Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Bendigo- for one night. After checking in, they chose a convenient time when they would want the camera unit to be delivered to their room. Next comes the odd or rather creepy part- they would select a particular time to set up the camera timer and let the camera capture them NAKED. Yes, you read it right. That’s what the “No Robe” thing is about. Once this is done, an artist would be sent an encrypted link of the guest’s photo which would lead him to create a life-drawing of the subject. Immediately after the completion of the drawing, the photo would permanently be destroyed. When the guest checked out, a beautiful package with their A3-sized life drawing from the Art Series Hotel Group was delivered to them.


Art Series Hotel



Basically, it boils down to this: you sleepover at a lavish hotel for a night and strike an awesome pose to be drawn up by an artist. the fee paid is US$229, not much I’d say. Interestingly, celebrities were engaging in this too, like Australian actress, Rachel Griffiths who went bare for her life-size masterpiece. The idea behind this bizarre concept is deep-rooted: the discovery of your inner self and acknowledging the real you; a form of self expression, free from any inhibitions so that every time you look at the drawing, it reminds you of how confident you are.