Berlin is brimming with groundbreaking contemporary art spaces, which push the creative boundary and reinstate the German capital’s stronghold on the country’s artistic and creative force. When in Berlin, there’s a lot more art to explore than only its streets and its nooks and crannies. The real gems hide here in one, or all, of these contemporary art spaces in Berlin that shouldn’t go amiss! By Shubhanjana Das

1. Contemporary Fine Arts or CFA

Straight-forwardly named but extremely meticulously curated — the CFA in Berlin is one of the cornerstones of the burgeoning art scene in Berlin. The gallery’s cutting-age, coming-of-age presentations, which include Berlin’s beloved painter Jonathan Meese to German sculptor and painter Georg Baselitz, make it one of the favourite art galleries for the local art enthusiasts. The place was relocated from Mitte and is now situated at the heart of West Berlin.

2. Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art

You may have heard of KW as one of the most significant centers of art as this is where one of Berlin’s most important and highlighted artistic event, the Berlin Biennale was started. KW, however, likes to go by the tag of being more of a collaborate space than a gallery. Many artistic movements in Berlin, which has defined or redefined the city’s bias towards art and everything creative have found shelter at Kunst-Werke.

3. Sammlung Boros

Everything about Sammlung Boros is intriguing to say the least. The Sammlung Boros building itself has a rather captivating history — a bomb shelter built in 1942, a prison, a banana storage, and finally, an S&M fetish club. As for its art, Sammung Boros boasts of being one of Berlin’s most exclusive art experiences, with its guided tours that can be booked only by prior appointment.

4. Hamburger Bahnhof

Besides being the address to works of Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades, Rodney Graham, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, and Stan Douglas, Hamburger Bahnof is one of the most influential art spaces in Berlin. This former Berlin-Hamburg train terminal is now a repurposed space, thanks to the contribution of Berlin entrepreneur Erich Marx. Hamurger Bahnof also hosts events, outreach programmes and exhibitions.

5. König Galerie

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Our gallery is open from 12 – 6pm today! Don‘t miss our current exhibitions by Jeremy Shaw in the Nave & Koo Jeong A in the Chapel. ————————————— Jeremy Shaw – I Can See Forever (until Dec 20) I Can See Forever is a pseudo-documentary set approximately 40 years in the future. It is presented as an episode of a documentary television series about “The Singularity Project”– a failed government experiment that aimed to create a harmonious synthesis of human and machine. Photo: Timo Ohler———————————————————————- Koo Jeong A – Tengam Tengam (until Jan 6) At König Galerie, Koo Jeong A presents a selection of her recent magnet artworks. The artist’s interest in this material is part of a ten-year exploration into its properties and potential uses. From an architectural tool to a relational object of healing, the magnet’s humble form is embedded with an expansive set of possibilities, which Koo Jeong A draws upon in her subtle sculptural pieces. Photo: Roman März ——————————————— #jeremyshaw #icanseeforever #koojeonga #tengamtengam #opensundays #artsunday #koeniggalerie

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The avant-garde art movement lives in Berlin in König Galerie as one of the city’s most stunning centers of art, thanks to the charismatic and young outlook of owner Johann König who started the gallery at an age of 21. Cut to present, this gallery now showcases art that subverts, questions and challenges status quo.

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