This 10-Year-Old Was Named The Wildlife Photographer of the Year And We’re in Awe!

Arshdeep Singh from Jalandhar, Punjab was named the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 in the Young Awards category in London. His picture ‘Pipe Owls’ has won hearts, and left people worldwide completely stunned, including us. By Japleen Kaur


The winning image was captured on a birding trip with his father near Kapurthala in Punjab. Out of 45,000 entries across 95 countries, Arshdeep’s picture was declared the winner. Now, I’ll give you a minute to sit back and think what you, and I were doing when we were 10 years!

The award was presented at the Natural History Museum in London, and Arshdeep took to Facebook to express his gratitude. Since then he, and his picture have gone viral in a good way.

In fact, his father, Randeep Singh is a well known wildlife photographer himself so this award comes as a sign of his skills combined with his rich lineage, of course. These are the kids, the real superstars we should talk about. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Though Arshdeep clicks all kinds of creatures, he has a soft corner for birds, and that easily reflects in his work. Check out more of his images on his Facebook page, here.

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