She recently turned 38, and Anupriya Kapur looks nowhere close to her age, a compliment I think, she’s tired of hearing. A fitness blogger, traveller, mother and a business woman who launched an intimate hygiene foam + wash for women – there are far too many roles she takes on like a boss. Today, she’ll tell us a little bit about everything, so take out your journals and start taking notes. By Japleen Kaur

1. How do you stay fit while you’re travelling?

The one major thing that I do is that I try making better choices in terms of food. I’m always on a lookout for a balanced diet, thus, not going overboard with anything. I taste everything that’s on offer but the portion sizes are kept under control. So, if there’s a buffet, I’ll balance the heavy meals out with fruits or nuts.

2. Handy fitness tips for our travellers?

a) While on vacation try walking more, especially if it’s shorter distances. It’ll help you stay fit, and is also the best way to explore any place.

b) Opt for some local physical activities that the place may have. For instance, Amsterdam has great cycling routes and planned tours.

c) Keep a check on your food and do what I do – don’t overeat.

d) If you’re drinking, go for water as your base and not any high calorie cocktails or sodas.

3. Easy exercises to do on a vacation?

There are tons of circuit workouts that one could do right in their rooms itself. Plus, there are loads of stuff available on YouTube, as well. A combination workout of lunges, sit-ups, squads and burpees is a good 10-minute plan. Or, you could just do a set of 100 burpees and get yourself a full body workout then and there!

4. How should women take care of their intimate hygiene while being on a trip?

Vaginal health gets affected when one is on the go, especially if you are going to be outdoors – on a hike, while camping, travelling for long hours, and etc., where you’re not able to wash yourself frequently. One thing would be to change your underwear frequently, drink lots of water, not use any alcohol-induced wipes to clean yourself, and whenever you have to use a toilet paper, use it front to back and not the other way around.

5. Do you pack food for road trips?

I generally don’t like pre-packed meals but if I have to I take things like – dry fruits, nuts, pomegranate, bananas, sprouts and etc. On that note, if you need something more filling, Indian meals are the best. Go for pulao, poha, upma or rolled up parathas.

6. What’s that one thing you always keep in your bag while travelling?

Dry fruits. Lots and lots of them!

7. Do you ever binge eat while you’re on vacation?

If you have a routine then it’s difficult to do that but when I do, I indulge in local food. I travel and try local delicacies always, so that’s when I alter my diet a little. In Kerala, I hogged on fish thalis and in Thailand I love eating their raw papaya salad. If you choose local options they’re always healthier and in sync with the weather there, so it’s never harmful.

8. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

*laughs* You look like Kabir’s sister! You’re a mother of an 11-year-old? I think I get this every day.

9. Tell us about your upcoming projects for your blog and Instagram.

I’m definitely going to talk a lot more about women hygiene – more blogs, videos, panels, and etc. But, also use my channels to address serious issues that women around the world face. So, that’s in the pipeline.

10. Where are you travelling next to?

Somewhere in the mountains for sure!

11. Are you planning to travel with tofu (her cat) anytime soon?

No man, tofu is too sensitive! When I adopted him he was traumatised as he was abandoned. So, he is too scared to stay outside and travel.

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