In Times Of Global Quarantine, ‘Anne Frank Video Diary’ Premieres On YouTube

If you think isolation in 2020 is hard, then tune in to YouTube, because Anne Frank Video Diary will take you back to the global isolation period. By Tanvi Jain

If you have already consumed all the content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., and are now going crazy because there’s nothing else to watch and kill these quarantine days, which never looked longer; we suggest you tune in to YouTube because Anne Frank’s Video Diary is premiering in a 15-part series. 

“What if Anne Frank had a camera instead of a diary? Subscribe to and watch our new online series. New episodes online every Monday and Thursday at 04:00 pm CET. #annefrankvideodiary,” tweeted the Anne Frank House. 

The famous Dutch diarist, and one of the Holocaust victims, wrote the diary from the age of 13 to 15, during her over two years of hiding period, above her father’s warehouse, before she along with seven others were discovered by officials, on August 4, 1944 

Anne Frank’s diary, which was discovered by accident, turned out to be one of the most widely read texts from the Holocaust period. Published after the war, as Het Achterhuis The Diary of a Young Girl, it was translated into over 70 languages. A collection of Anne Frank’s letters to her fictitious friend Kittythe diary gives an insight into her feelings about herself and her surroundings; and throws light on the risks faced by a common man during that period.  

Now, coming back to 2020, when global isolation has once again hit the planet, the release of Anne Frank’s Video Diaryat a time like this, will not only serve the purpose of killing time but will be a great way for youngsters to get a peek into what living in isolation meant in that era, especially for a teenager.  

The serieswhich was originally shot in Dutch language, has been subtitled in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. All the episodes have been filmed in selfie mode, and are no longer than five to 10 minutes each.   

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