As most countries are under lockdown and people are tucked away in the comfort of their homes, nature is reclaiming its rightful space. Escaped circus animals have been spotted crossing roads and heading down empty streets in Paris. By Upasana Singh

Isolated residents of a Parisian suburb were in for a wonderful surprise when they witnessed a full-grown zebra running freely through the streets alongside moving traffic. Galloping across the roads, two horses joined the zebra and left the spectators in shock.


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The trio had escaped from the Badin circus, close to the Ormesson-sur-Marne suburb of Paris. They were seen heading towards the neighbouring town of Champigny-sur-Marne on the outskirts of the French capital.

The circus owner, Mr Moulot, claimed that the animals escaped after the gate of their enclosure was left open. He was not worried as the animals were well-trained and did not wander far from the circus. After exploring the streets of Paris for 15 minutes, they returned back to the Badin circus.

The circus animals live in a park during the day and at night are kept in their trailer. People have been sharing their videos on social media platforms which have garnered thousands of views.


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Recently, a video of two deers roaming around in Boissy-Saint-Leger surfaced on social media. Although it is not uncommon to see deers out on the roads at night, it is quite exceptional to spot them during the day and that too in the centre of the town.

While citizens of Paris remain inside due to the country-wide lockdown, animals are taking to the newly-deserted streets. A driver following the animals said that Paris feels like Kenya, known for its safaris.

As France continues to fight against the pandemic, these videos offer some light moments of laughter in these gloomy times. Such animal sights amidst the lockdown remind us of films like Jumanji and Madagascar. It is definitely refreshing to see nature healing itself and reclaiming its space.

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