Wild Animals Are Exploring Cities During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Nature can heal itself on its own. And, this lockdown has re-established the already-known fact once again as the internet is flooded with images and videos of animals coming back to their original places and even on the streets which used to be their home before the lush jungles were replaced with concrete all around. By Kumar Shree 

It is just day six of the 21-day lockdown in India and while this is proving to be helpful in flattening the curve, nature is certainly rejoicing as wellAnimals are coming back to the places they had abandoned long ago and are reclaiming their territories. While instances of animals, even endangered ones, making their presence on the city roads are rising around the country, the biggest positive of this lockdown was seen when the Olive Ridley turtles returned to the beaches of Odisha. Check out some of the images and videos from social media below. 

1. Olive Ridley Turtles Return to Odisha 

Olive Ridley turtles prefer the beaches in Odisha as one of their many nesting grounds. They, however, skipped the Odisha beaches last year, which rang an alarm for many environmentalists. Way too much human activity around the beach was one of the factors that led to the situation. This year, since the entire country is under lockdown, the turtles decided to return as there was no human activity on the beaches. 

2. Dolphins Return to Malabar Hill & Marine Drive in Mumbai 

While many claimed the videos to be fake or old, some footages doing the rounds on the social media showed dolphins hanging around in the sea near Malabar Hill and Marine Drive in Mumbai. 

3. Malabar Civet In Kozhikode 

Malabar Civet, which happens to be on the critically endangered list also made an appearance on the roads of Kozhikode. 

4. Sambar Deer In Chandigarh Sector 9-10 

5. Nilgai Outside GIP Mall, Noida

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