Did you know that the picnic basket staple deviled eggs is an adaptation of the Nargisi Kofta? Or, that plain old Khichdi inspired Kedgeree (fish, rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, and butter or cream)? Discover a delicious amalgamation of British and Indian cuisine at the all-new Anglow, where the only Colonial hangover worth celebrating is served hot, on plates. Up a flight of stairs from Khan Market’s familiar cobble-stoned middle lane, Anglow plates up Anglo-Indian delicacies inspired by recipes that have been handed down for generations. The décor resembles that of a Gentlemen’s Club, sans the cigar smoke, but generously doused in scotch. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

What We Loved 

Walk into Anglow to find walls adorned with beautiful wallpaper, comfy wing chairs in shades of blue, yellow, red and green, and just the right degree of lighting. Find a cosy corner — we loved the one by the bar and the bookshelf — and browse through a menu that lists everything from Fish Fingers to Railway Curry. You’ll find all your favourite scotch brands, and a variety of cocktails that have been specially created for the restaurant. The bartender serves your drinks with a flourish — a flame here, a pinch of nutmeg there! Then the food. Sink your teeth into melt-in-the-mouth delicious Red Velvet Cutlets, a modern take on the traditional Beetroot cutlets. Throw your diet out the window and dip the yummiest herby bread into a gooey cheese fondue. Have a foodgasm with one taste of the jalapeño cheese toast as the flavours send your palate into a tizzy! Round off your meal with a cognac and you’ll go home satisfied, until that craving for the cutlets gets the better of you. 


The Paneer Railway Curry served with Malabar Parotas is delicious. The simple flavours come together beautifully and you can demolish a plateful without ending up feeling too heavy.

Why We Would Return  

The cravings for the Red Velvet Cutlet and the yummy Yogurt dip it comes with are bound to draw us back. As will the cocktails — we’ll have to go back several times to get through them all!

Meal for two: INR 3,000 (without alcohol) 

Address: 57, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi – 110003 

Reservation: +91 99998 86558 

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