This year, luxury hospitality brand Andaz, a Hyatt offering, launches its first property in India at Delhi Aerocity, and we are super excited! While Andaz Delhi is still under wraps, we got a peak-a-boo into a part of the building and its magnificent concept. Your Andaz hotel has every Indian element that you grew up with: things that you’d like to tell your expat friends when they come down to visit, but don’t know how. For example, your ‘sawari’ in the city will be an ambassador if you wish, one that’s especially designed for the brand with Indian designs splattered all over its pop-colour exterior.

If you ask us why Andaz Delhi should mark your next big booking, we’ve found you some temptation.

  • This is the biggest Andaz property in the world, and the whole world is going to come watch when it launches.
  • This is also the first hotel in India to provide online check-in and check-out. You don’t have to wait at the reception to complete the formalities.
  • Along with rooms and suites, there are 129 service apartments! Expect one-, two-, three- bedroom apartments (lavishly appointed ones) which can be booked for friends/business professionals visiting from overseas, or for those living out of their cities for a long period of time.
  • A residential style set up for a luxury hotel might be unthinkable, but here at Andaz Delhi, you can well expect to be treated like you’re a resident. With no archaic lobby in the hotel, this is as cosy as it gets.
  • Arrive as a visitor, depart as a local. From the moment you enter the hotel, you find a Delhi-ness embedded in your surroundings. From your suite to the restaurant and the public spaces to every minute detailing, everything reiterates the extraordinary character of the city. By the time you check out, you take a part of the city with you.
  • Complimentary wifi, minibar, local calls: Who would have thought that India could beget a property that would actually put these amenities on the freebies list. This surely takes hospitality to the next level.
  • All day complimentary tea /coffee at Andaz Lounge: For once, you’re not at one of the hotels that make you shell out every penny before you leave. Walk in to Andaz Lounge anytime, your hot cuppa will be waiting for you.
  • The large public spaces are adorned with art work by contemporary artists: your walk from the entrance to your suite will be one long art exhibit, and you won’t be bored.
  • Single lady travellers can seek comfort in being driven around in a colourful rewa electric car by your lady chauffeur.
  • Enter your room or suite to find this book ‘401 Reasons to Fall in Love With Delhi’ on your study table, which gives you the little secrets of the capital city that you can take out time to explore.

Check out this brand teaser:

Andaz Delhi
Andaz Delhi Sneak Peek


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