Here’s How You Can Now Visit This 5,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Tomb From Your Home

Egypt is one of the world’s most fascinating historical sites riddled with mystery and secrets. This is your chance to virtually explore an ancient Egyptian tomb right from your living room couch. By Manya Saini

As the world stays indoors amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Egyptian Tourist Board is offering a virtual tour to the tomb of Queen Meresankh III, a site over 5,000 years old. This is perhaps the next best thing to seeing the magnificent site physically. The vicarious travel adventure is free for all. Harvard University has also created the virtual experience with 3D modelling of the tomb. The board introduced the tour to encourage people to follow social distancing by keeping them engaged at home through an immersive cultural interaction.

The viewers can click on different tabs and features during the tour to see more information about the monument, carvings on the walls, and murals as well as statues. The panels depict Queen Meresankh III, her parents, and servants showing the abundance of offerings to the royal family. The insights delve deep into the meanings of the insignia and their historical importance in the lives of the people.

The experience of descending the tombs five-meter burial shaft is combined with the best possible music to suit your mood, the theme from Indiana Jones. The recreation is accurate to the point that you can even see the chisel marks on the walls.

The Meresankh’s burial chamber was discovered in 1927, by American archaeologist George Andrew Reisner when he found the granite sarcophagus. Other tours include Coptic Red Monastery, the Ben Ezra synagogue among others.

The experience will give you a peek into the life of those that lived a millennia before us! Don’t let the lockdown hamper your wanderlust, explore everything the tour has to offer and be transported to the ancient civilisation.

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