One of the world’s most cycle-friendly cities, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is planting large flower boxes on its bridges to dissuade the increasing number of bikers from parking their bicycles near bridge railings, causing hindrance to pedestrians. By Amitha Ameen


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Ever since the pandemic hit the world, an increasing number of people are preferring to cycle than take public transport to get around a city. Amsterdam is already known for being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, with its cycling lanes that stretch over 767 kilometres, and has more bicycles than residents. But as the number of bicycles continues to increase, the city’s council has decided to take certain measures to curb cyclists from parking on the bridges.

The city’s authorities have decided to place wooden plant and flower baskets on numerous canal bridges in and around the city in an effort to dissuade cyclists from parking their bikes near bridge railings. Because of the accumulation of parked bikes on the bridges, pedestrians are unable to enjoy the views of the canals and are also forced to walk on the streets, resulting in unsafe road situations.


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“Due to the large number of bicycles parked at the bridge railings, pedestrians no longer fit on the narrow sidewalks and walk on the roadway. This creates unsafe situations,” a spokesman said (as reported in The Guardian). As for the bikes, authorities are making space for more bike stands by the canals.

Amsterdam has slowly started to reopen after the lockdown and more people are opting for bike rides due to the scare of the virus transmission on public transports.

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