America’s Death Valley Witnesses 54°C Temperature, Earth’s Highest Temperature In Years

Breaking many previous records, the temperature scale on Sunday, August 16 confirmed 54.4°C in America’s Death Valley. While this is subject to confirmation, the temperature could be one of the highest ever recorded on our planet. By Kumar Shree

America’s Death Valley, which already holds the record for experiencing the Earth’s highest temperature at 56.6°C, reached similar numbers on the scale once again. The previous temperature, however, remains a matter of debate among experts. Since it was recorded on July 10, 1913, many experts and analysts claim that from a meteorological perspective, it was not possible to have such an extreme temperature back in 1913.

The National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center also tweeted about the same. They wrote, “Per the climate data in xmACIS2, this is the first time since 1913 that Death Valley has reached 130F [54.4C]. In July 2013, it last reached 129F [53.8C].  If valid, it would be the hottest August temperature at the site by 3F. @NWSVegas”

If we set aside the 1913 data, the second-highest temperature ever recorded on Earth stands at 53.8°C. This temperature first came into records on June 30, 2013, in America’s Death Valley itself. The other two instances of this temperature were recorded in Kuwait (2016) and Pakistan (2017).

If we consider 53.8°C as the highest ever temperature on our planet, the new readings of 54.4°C will set a new record by beating all earlier records.

Death Valley’s location is favourable for such temperatures, hence making it one of the hottest places on Earth. It is also the lowest, driest, and hottest location in the Mojave Desert of southeastern California, United States.

Such high temperatures usually occur during July, but this is the first instance of such a record in August. Many scientists have derived that human-induced climate change is the major reason behind such a paradigm shift in the natural pattern.

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