The 50-km long pristine shoreline of Amalfi Coast in Italy has been a tourist magnet since Roman times. Thanks to its mountainous hemline and turquoise blue waters of the sea. Summer months look like a carnival in Amalfi due to the mad rush of the swarms of tourists. So, time your trip to Amalfi wisely and you can be sure of enriching travel experience. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Positano:

Positano is called ‘the vertical town’ as the town sits on a cliff and spills into the sea. You may know of Positano as the town with the pastel-coloured houses, seaside bars, restaurants, and of course, upscale shopping. Being the most popular town on the Amalfi coast means you will have to deal with tourists ALL THE TIME. Its small beach may not be the most peaceful, but is definitely one of the most scenics on the coast.ย ย 

2. Sorrento:

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Sorrento is one of the many towns on the Amalfi coast, perched on a cliff, gazing at the Vesuvius. But, there’s a catch. Sorrento is the first town on the coast, meaning that it’s likely to be a stop for every tourist visiting Amalfi. However, it is also the seat for making day excursions to Pompeii and Naples. However, it is worth risking the rush because of the sea, the small fishing village, and not to mention, the abundant seafood! Psst. Limoncello was born in Sorrento, so, why not grab a bottle on your way?ย 

3. Atrani:

You can take a breather from all the humdrum of the crowd and head to Atrani, a laidback town overlooking the bay, rich with medieval architecture. Ditch your cars to explore the town on foot, stop and eat in one of the many trattorias, or just chill at the Piazza Umberto. Atrani also has a black sand beach! WHAT!ย 

4. Capri:

Capri may not technically be an Amalfi-Coast town, but its whitewashed houses and the emerald green waters make it worth the half day’s trip. The absolute highlight? If you explore Capri on foot, you will find a path traversing through the terraced countryside of Capri to a Roman villa.ย ย 

5. Ravello:

If you’re not so much of a beach bum and are okay with not having direct access to the beach, Ravello is the place to be. Get out of the hoards of a crowd and enjoy a romantic meal at Ravello, one of the quieter towns on the Amalfi Coast. It is renowned for its gardens and absolutely OTT, Italian-style villas. There’s not much of a nightlife here, but hey, you’ve got to lose some to get some, right? If you just happen to be in Amalfi during the summer and want to witness something epic, we suggest you attend the annual Ravello Music Festival at the Villa Rufolo, a UNESCO World Heritage site.ย 

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