An All-Women’s Cab Service Is Set To Hit The Roads In New Delhi

Women are set to feel a tad bit safer in Delhi, thanks to an all-women’s cab service that is set to begin operations at the international airport. By Bayar Jain

In a city widely popular for its bad reputation (unfortunately so) for women’s safety, an initiative to alter this image is underway in the national capital. A private all-women cab service named Women on Wheels has been launched by the Sakha Consulting Wings at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. This service will not only run exclusively for female passengers but will also be driven exclusively by women drivers as well. Men, however, will be allowed to avail the services if they are accompanied by women.

Operating from a kiosk near pillar number 16 at the airport, all the drivers of these cabs will be hired from a non-governmental organisation (NGO) named Azad Foundation. Azad Foundation aims to provide women, particularly from underprivileged backgrounds, with skill-sets to lead a life of dignity—driving being one of them.

With regards to safety measures, the cars will come equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a panic button which can be used by the driver and commuter, both. Once pressed, help will arrive within thirty minutes, thanks to a tie-up with a company called 24response — a quick response and immediate assistance service. Some cars will also be equipped with wheelchairs to facilitate physically-challenged passengers.

Currently in its infancy stage, the service will be restricted to a fleet of 20 cars and 10 drivers, with hopes of expanding this number in the coming years. However, Sakha Consulting Wings already provides an all-women cab services in Indore, Kolkata, and Jaipur.

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