Doubling as an oasis in the desert city of Doha, the larger-than-life Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat is the last word for rejuvenation in Qatar. By Bayar Jain

Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat
Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat features 26 lavish treatment rooms

The night I landed in Doha’s Al Messila Resort & Spa, I was too exhausted to notice my aching back and heavy head. Next morning, however, the pain started to creep up on me. Luckily, the Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat–the region’s biggest ladies only wellness getaway–came to my rescue. Graced with a water body leading up to the multi-storeyed tranquil haven, the Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat has a range of world-class treatments and facilities. Floatation tanks, cocoon beds, Kneipp walks, hammam, a food lab, two gyms, three mineral rooms, and four hydro-wellness areas are found here. Spoilt for choice, I opted for the basics—a two-hour reflexology and full-body massage.

Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat
An aquatherapy pool

As with any spa session, I was first required to fill out a form with my details and allergies. Rama, my therapist, then escorted me up the elevator and through the maze-like lobbies. I found myself marvelling at a contemporary, yet intrinsically Middle-Eastern, room with an attached bathing room. As I changed into a robe, Rama set up the room for me. Reflexology served as the first step to the journey ahead. Warm water scented and sprinkled with rose petals, coupled with the soft touch of Rama’s hands, eased away the pain instantly. Her fingers slipped seamlessly between the crevices of my toes, while her palm expertly pressed against my ankle. She said this was an important precursor to any massage as it helped her understand the knots in my entire body.

Al Messila Ladies Wellness Retreat
Lounge beds among other things.

Boy, was she right! After the foot massage, I lied down on my stomach. Her warm, scented oil-smeared hands worked on my legs, arms, shoulders, and back. I felt the knots unwinding in each part. As she pressed down on my spine, I found myself easing into a blissful trance. Before I knew it, a deep sleep became my best friend and her magical hands, my lullaby. My stomach, neck, and head were next in line to get a taste of this tranquillity. Her soft hands found knots in my body that I didn’t know existed. Two hours whizzed by, and my body seemed to have transformed. Stepping out of the room, a sense of weightlessness embraced me. As I sat down to drink a hot cup of chamomile tea, a renewed energy rushed through my veins. Let Doha’s madness begin, I thought with a smile.

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