Airbnb is all set to take your homestay experience to the next level here in India with the launch of its premium range of homes with Airbnb Plus. By Kumar Shree

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Airbnb has truly changed the travel and hospitality scene by riding on the power of technology. Its unique selling point being that it enables travellers to ‘go local’ at even the farthest corners of the world. Last year, Airbnb took the concept of homestays a notch up by introducing its swanky range of apartments calling it the Plus Homes that were launched across 41 countries.  

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Airbnb has now announced the introduction of Plus Homes in India. This Airbnb Plus range will feature the high ranking Airbnb homes with hosts known for having great reviews. These hosts will be the super hosts. The Plus homes will also be verified for both quality and design. 

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Commenting on the launch of Plus in India, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Airbnb Nathan Blecharczyk said, “We think there’s a rising tide here in India. Travel to emerging economies is expected to increase at twice the rate of travel to advanced economies from now until 2030, which is a truly promising opportunity for Airbnb in India.”

There is no doubt that India is emerging as one of the new ‘centers of influence’ in the global tourism scene. More than a million Indians chose Airbnb on their travels globally in 2018. In addition, the listing of Indian properties on Airbnb raised by a whopping margin of 115%. All these factors prove that the travel scene is penetrating, expanding, and booming in India. It is these factors that compelled Airbnb to launch Plus in India.

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