Last-minute escape plans have never been tough since the Airbnb app launched some time back. With accommodations in over 65,000 cities and 191 countries, the Airbnb app lets you choose where you want to stay and how you want to stay, with no hidden costs, no burdens of services you don’t need from your hotel and zero miscellaneous expenses that would somehow make their way to your final bill. You can now  live in a castle, a tree house or just book yourself a comfy apartment. By Jasmine Kaur


But wait, just when we discovered how cool the Airbnb app could get with all the new experiences you can book when travelling the world, it launched a new feature- A tool that allows hosts to share a new set of check-in instructions with their guests before they arrive. A tool that’ll be your saviour.


Once you reach your destination and are all set to enjoy the hospitality of your local host, you just need to follow the visual and textual cues on the app. Till some time ago, there seemed to be a problem in the way the hosts were communicating with their guests. Before arrival, hosts would have to share PDF documents with images detailing out where things were kept around the house or messaging right on the Airbnb platform to communicate with their guest.


Although this isn’t a major problem, international guests who would find themselves without internet after landing in the city would find themselves in an unlikely situation. With the new tool, you will receive clear, visual, in-app step-by-step guides on what to look for and expect when you arrive — like what door to enter through, where the lock box is located, and what the code is. And you know what’s even better? You can save it easily on your app and access it anytime in future, without internet. The hosts are also saved the trouble of repeating the same instructions every time a guest arrives. They just feed in a particular combination of instructions and the burden is off them too.