Air France Has the Best Lounges for Long Layovers

They say, no time is the best time to reach Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport. One of the busiest international airports in the world, it has quite earned the reputation with frequent travellers for its long queues, crowded terminals, and great croissants.  Air France airlines has made travelling through this airport simpler with its Business and Premiere class Lounges to ease the pressure of your long layovers. Next time you have some hours to kill at the French airport, check them out. By Jasmine Kaur


La Première Lounge


The Air France La Première Lounge at Terminal 2E is steeped in luxury and as a first class passenger, It is as if a feather carpet is laid on which you glide from the airplane to your lounge and back to the airplane just in time for your next flight. Everything from baggage security to long queues becomes other-worldly. Here are some key services at this lounge-

  • At touchdown, a porter waits near the airplane to carry your hand baggage and usher you to the lounge. A personal lounge staff helps you through security therefore allowing you to skip the long queues.
  • When you reach your luxury lounge, you can relax and reboot by reading a book, watching the TV, or having a small snack from their all-day menu.
  • The Biologique Recherche Spa Centre has a variety of spa treatments to help you get rid of that jet lag.
  • You needn’t worry about security check-in since you have priority access.
  • Your way out of the airport and into your next aircraft is via a chauffeured limousine.
  • The Air France team is friendly and approachable and at any point in the journey, help is guaranteed.


Business Lounges


There are several business lounges spread across various terminals.

  • Grab a bite: gorge on a light hot or cold meal available at the lounge; finish up on the work e-mails at the work station, read a newspaper, or watch a movie.
  • Ttake a shower or book a relaxing spa treatment at the Clarins Spa where they use organic products to rejuvenate your body (open every day of the week except Wednesday). Here in the relaxation area, unwind before you prepare for another long haul flight.
  • The Arrivals Lounge can be availed at Terminal 2C from 5:30am to 2pm for 35-50 pounds depending on the hours you plan to spend there.


Air France



Kids Solo


Spread over an area of more than 300 square metres, the Kids Solo connection area has been operative since 2016. It offers kids travelling alone a variety of services to keep them occupied including a games room equipped with Sony PlayStations and table football for the older ones, a reading room for 10- to 17-year-olds, and an activities area for younger children.


What more could one have asked for, with a plethora of high-class facilities at these lavish lounges provided by Air France. No worries about getting bored and exhausted during the journey or at layovers.

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