Adhaar Khurana Staged: On Web Series, Young Audiences, and Direction

Adhaar Khurana has been involved in theatre since childhood because of his father, actor Akash Khurana, but as a kid, he had dreamt of a career in forensic science. After he graduated, recession hit Scotland, and as luck would have it, he came back and joined his brother, Akarsh, who runs Mumbai’s notable theatre group, Akvarious Productions. And gradually, the pieces fell together. Recently, he’s directed and played a part in Some Times that is now streaming on HotStar. We had a quick chat with him on the world of thetare. By Apeksha Bhateja


T+L: Who would be your ideal audience—young people or matured theatre enthusiasts who understand the nuances?

AK: Ideally, both. But you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. So I’d go with the youth. Cause the kind of content we are putting out there is extremely youth centric. I think it is thanks to young audiences, that Akvarious has found it’s niche and voice. And it helps us have a further reach and get audiences to come to the theatre, who otherwise would prefer some other form of entertainment. Having said that, it’s always more surprising and heartwarming when a mature theatre audience member comes and tells us that your content resonated with them and is relatable.


T+L: Some Times is now airing on HotStar. How is shooting a play different from performing it live (more or less challenging)? Do you think it will reach more people now that it’s out there on the web?

AK: I guess the biggest challenge is not performing in front of a live audience, when you’re doing it for camera. The thrill and joy of being on stage is just so different – what you see is what you get. You get to feed off the audience’s reactions. So definitely performing for camera is more challenging. Also cause you need to be more aware of certain technical aspects.

Yes, I hope so. Hotstar is right now one of the more popular digital platforms in the country. So the way I see it, it’s a step in the right direction and things will only progress. Also from what I hear, the reach has already widened. Last year, I happened to see our Cineplay of The Job on a Jet Airways flight.


T+L:Do you think maybe you will direct or produce or work in web series that are now trending in India? Do you watch them? Any favourites?

AK: Funnily enough, I’ve just written and acted in a web series called Boygiri, for Balaji’s digital platform called ALT.  Yes, I watch a fair amount of the web series that are out. Of course, the TVF shows are top of the list – Tripling, Permanent Roommates etc. Really looking forward to Bisht Please. Also really enjoyed the first couple of episodes of Better Life Foundation.


T+L:What are your favourite spots in Mumbai? Hangouts, bars, restaurants, cafes that you like to visit to wind down.
AK: Brewbot in Andheri, a microbrewery owned by couple of my school boys. The Daily and Eddie’s in Bandra.


T+L: One thing about you that no one knows.
AK: I bit my grandparents’ dog on the nose when I was 2 years old.


T+L:One character/role that you would love to play. Why?
AK: Borat or Deadpool. Because why not? On a more serious note, cause letting go of your inhibitions and doing crazy random things is probably the biggest challenge as an actor.

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