If you belong to the Action-Seeker tribe, travelling to Singapore will ensure you have the best vacation ever! Be it sports, augmented reality, gaming sessions, or MMA — Singapore will never cease to surprise! 

Singapore is a destination that has something in store for every kind of traveller. If your passion is ‘Action Seeking’, book your tickets to Singapore right away because this year, the state has a killer lineup of events that will ensure you experience the most heart-racing adrenaline rush.

1. JSSL Singapore International 7s 2019

Action Seekers In Singapore

Who is it meant for: For the Action Seeker who loves football

What is it: JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s has become one of the landmark sporting events in the state calendar since 2013. It’s ‘Asia’s Premier Youth Soccer’ competition bringing forth budding sporting talents of the future to the forefront. More than 400 teams from around 15 countries are taking part in the JSSL Singapore International 7s this year, and you can only imagine the adrenaline rush that this event is going to deliver. If you are an Action Seeker in Singapore, you have to be there to witness it all.

When is it: 19-21 April

Where is it: Multiple venues across Singapore

2. UFC Fight Night Singapore


Action Seekers In Singapore

Who is it meant for: For the Action Seeker who loves to watch live MMA sessions

What is it: UFC events and their popularity around the world is proof that people love combat sport. After all, who doesn’t like a good fight club? So, if you are seeking some real-time Action in Singapore during the month of June, we’d say, you better block your calendar because this event is all about thrills and fierce sportsmanship. Think of an arena and two brave hearts fighting it out in the most intimidating atmosphere while thousands of people cheering! Attend this event to witness the finest forms of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

When is it: June

Where is it: Singapore Indoor Stadium

3. International Champions Cup Singapore

Action Seekers In Singapore

Who is it meant for: For the Action Seeker who loves a good football match

What is it: International Champions Cup Singapore is an annual football championship event that attracts thousands of football enthusiasts to cheer for their teams. This year, you can expect some breathtaking football Action by the top European football clubs and an array of other activities like live music performances, autograph signing sessions and photo opportunities that will ensure you go back with a bag full of brilliant memories. This year, the event is only going to get bigger, bolder and better with teams like Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, Manchester United and Inter Milan competing against each other. Need we say more?

When is it: 20-21 July

Match Fixtures:

Saturday, 20 July – Manchester United vs Inter Milan – National Stadium, Singapore – 7:30 pm

Sunday, 21 July – Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur – National Stadium, Singapore – 7:30 pm

4. PVP eSports Championship

Action Seekers In Singapore

Who is it meant for: For the Action Seeker who is an absolute fan of gaming

What is it: If you are into online gaming, the PVP eSports Championship 2019 is where you should head to. The event is all about online gaming and a lot of prize money can be won! Are you a pro gamer? Or, perhaps, a beginner? Fret not because this place is perfect for one and all! Attend this event to feel the power and intensity of futuristic gaming. Teams from Singapore and other regions will compete for a total prize pool of SGD 300,000. We think, now you have all the reasons to book that trip to Singapore!

When is it: October

5. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 

Action Seekers In Singapore

Who is it meant for: For the Action Seeker who loves indulging in running

What is it: The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is one of the long-standing fixtures on Singapore’s sporting events’ calendar. Every year, the participants run across some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks including Orchard Road, the Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay. There are different races, all varying in length and difficulty level, for the participants to choose from. You can take your pick according to your liking. The event has kept on growing in popularity since its debut in Singapore, and it keeps on attracting more footfall every year. For an Action Seeker in Singapore, this is a must-attend event! So, participate in the marathon this year and test your endurance level.

When is it: December

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