Adriana Pope of Vegnomad dispels the myth that vegetarians can’t have fabulous gourmet experiences in Asia. Here are her top finds in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Out of all the cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is unarguably the most vegan-friendly city. With a plethora of vegan, organic and even raw restaurants to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand and in close proximity to the Burmese, Chinese, and Laos borders, and therefore, unique culinary specialties are infused with the influence of the surrounding cultures. Take a look at the top three picks:



Chiang Mai’s Tha Pae Gate market, among many others, serves a tonne of freshly made dishes (raw and cooked) that are delicious and local.


 Food4Thought Restaurant


This upscale patio cafe serves up the most incredible vegan wraps and salads in a comfortable garden setting. Big proponents of the ‘ugly food movement, ’Food4Thought is spearheading the movement by using local organic produce that have superficial blemishes and transforming them into gorgeous dishes. Make sure to try out their Burmese green tea leaf salad wrap with fried tofu as well as their gluten free vegan brownies.





Anchan Organic


Revered for having the tastiest vegan curries in all of Chiang Mai, this family-run organic restaurant serves up mouth-watering dishes utilising only vegetables.From hand-picked mushroom salads to vegan smoothies made with exotic fruits, Anchan’s vegan options will delight even the most skeptical carnivore. Try out their pumpkin or massaman curries for an authentic North Thailand experience.






Pun Pun Organic


Situated on the grounds of a 400-year-old temple band surrounded by ancient golden stupas, Pun Pun Organic Restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants you will ever visit. This all vegetarian restaurant specialises in creating authentic, Northeastern Thai cuisine minus the meat. They offer plenty of vegan options which include Penang curry, pad see ew, green papaya salad, and their famous Thai-herb veggie sausages. No matter what you order, you’ll probably want to lick your plate clean—it’s that good!