Apart from hard work and consistency, these Instagram clicks are what made bloggers go viral. Here are the locations and pictures that made some of your favourite Instagrammers famous. By Mahika Dhar


  1. @tuulavintage 

Jessica Stein’s Instagram has always been colourful, relaxed and gorgeous. The perfect example of this is the picture above, one of her most famous snaps. Overlooking the Positano Bay in Italy, it is serene, dreamy and luxurious. We can understand why it did so well!

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  1. @tashoakley

Mermaid life 💙🌊👙🐚 @abikiniaday

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Tash Oakley’s page is filled with pictures from every beach in the world. She, along with her best friend, Devin Brugman, have a swimwear line called Monday Swimwear. Photoshoots, press and runways for her brand result in her travelling non- stop. In the picture above, she was in Miami.

  1. @sjanaelis

Sjana Elise’s account combines her personal journey with yoga and her love of exploring places. She shares the struggles of her mental health and the peace she receives through yoga and the most beautiful pictures. In this picture, she is in Bali, enjoying the most surreal sunset.

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  1. @sorelleamore

The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know anything. I’m inspired a lot lately by my boyfriend who is constantly pursuing knowledge. He’s recently started reading books which are opposing his own views to challenge his deep rooted beliefs. I now have too. It’s uncomfortable, but necessary. I personally think it’s a very dangerous position to be in, to constantly read work that reinforces what you already know. You’re not growing or learning in this case. Being open to both sides creates wisdom and the rare skill of formulating your own opinions. I’ve noticed in the last few years that my brain is stagnant and I feel myself getting dumber. Not only because my attention span is less than a gold fish now because of how social media has trained us to lose all focus, but also because all the information put in front of me has been filtered by corporations that are all one sided. Facebook, TV, news. Anyone with a differing view is condemned instead of a discussion being formed. (Is free speech really a thing?) I’m at a stage where I don’t want my beliefs to be concrete. I want to have beliefs but I want to be open for someone to share their view in an educational manner and try to convince me otherwise. After all, your truth is always a perception and maybe a better truth will be revealed to me that I might have otherwise missed if I clung onto my old beliefs? The biggest eye opening piece I’ve been exposed to lately is the heart wrenching documentary ‘The Red Pill’. Can’t recommend it enough. Education will free all of us. I’ll be sharing my podcasts and books I’m reading on my new education journey for anyone else interested. Yes? No? . . . Ps. This water is crocodile free. Please don’t stand in water like this for a photo in areas where it’s not safe. . #LearnMore #TravelMore #Australia #SorelleAmore #AdvancedSelfie

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The first thing that catches one’s eye about Sorelle’s Instagram account is the decreased saturation and exposure of every picture. Her love for travel and photography results in the most stunning pictures for all of us to see. The special thing about her is that she truly takes time to thoughtfully articulate her captions so that they are a pleasure to read.

  1. @negin_mirsalehi

This kinda love almost 12 years. ❤️

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Negin has already made a name for herself in the blogger industry as she won the Revolve ‘Influencer of the Year’ Award in 2017. Her photographs are warm, cosy, and full of good vibes just like the one above. This picture was snapped in Sicily, Italy.

  1. @valentinamarzullo

Valentina’s pictures prove that simple pictures can go viral as well. Take the one above for example. She is simply walking the streets of Los Angeles whilst drinking a beverage and looking effortlessly cool. Hit the streets for your #ootd that just might blow up!

  1. @majamalnar

Maja is exploring Athens with her best friend in the picture above. That stunning beach is reason enough for us to want to jump on a plane and fly there too! Lucky for us, Maja keeps our wanderlust satisfied with her constant adventures.

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  1. @worldwanderlust

Tasmania’s lavender fields are in full bloom today!🍦💜🍦💜

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Brooke Saward’s most famous picture is one in her own home town. Ironically, it wasn’t her jaw-dropping travels that gathered attention, it was simply a lavendar field where she lives in Tasmania.

  1. @diipakhosla

When Diipa Khosla is not exploring the UK or India, she can be found sharing her impeccable style with the rest of the world. In the picture above she just touched down in Montenegro, already looking like a beach goddess!