In a city as alive and busy as Mumbai, cafes are what keeps the locals going, especially on a rainy afternoon when it’s too tedious to get to work. See our picks for Mumbai’s most unique cafes. By Mahika Dhar


  Coffee By Di Bella

Coffee by Di Bella recently rose to fame because of their viral diamond coffee. Mixed with edible holographic glitter, your coffee will sparkle as you sip away.


 Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

Visit Poetry By Love & Cheesecake for sumptuous pastries and delicious coffee. In wake of the black food trend, they have released black croissants, burgers, pancakes, waffles and macrons. Pop in this afternoon to relax in an elegant ambience.


Elementaria Bakery Cafe

Elementaria has a simple and minimalist interior with exposed brick walls, wood tables, and black decor. Paradoxically, they are known for decadent cupcakes and healthy salads. Try their Quinoa salad with root vegetables and finish the meal off with a whisky cupcake!


Chocolateria San Churro

Known for their extravagant decadence, not only do they serve fantastic churros, they also have delicious coffee. You can count on their desserts to provide a much needed adrenaline rush that keeps you going. Try their Chocolate Caramel Parfait along with a Spanish Latte.



Cat Café Studio

India’s first cat cafe, Cat Cafe Studio set the bars for all pet cafes to come. Relax with your furry friends whilst also eating delicious food! Moreover, they adopt stray cats, many of whom have been through traumatic experiences along with several amputee cats. Cuddle with cute rescued cats while supporting a cafe that aims to work until every last stray has a home.


Selfiecinno is an international chain that recently launched in Mumbai. They are famous for being able to print a picture of you onto your coffee. Perfect for celebratory surprises and special days, share this unique experience with a love done at Selfiecinno.