Who doesn’t love a good festival? You’ve got food, drinks, and the company of like-minded people. You can truly put your hair down and just have a good time. By Quoyina Ghosh

While, the definition of what might be ‘good time’ differs from person to person, these five unusual festivals from around the world will surely make you want to pack your bags and get going immediately!

1. Holi, India

When life gets dull, people often say “let’s fill your life with colour”.  Now imagine a whole festival that takes this saying literally. That’s Holi for you! It is a festival in which people besmirch the faces of their loved ones with a myriad of colours and drench them using a water gun. This beautiful festival of colours is celebrated with great zest all across India to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

2. Stargazing Festival, England

Coldplay once penned a song with a line that said “look at the stars, look how they shine for you.” A beautiful thought that we hum to ourselves all the time. However, in our modern illuminated and polluted world, spotting even one star in the sky is hard. The stargazing festival in North Pennies, England makes this easier. If you want to be reminded of this miracle, go visit this festival of stars and watch them as they shine for you!

3. Battle of the Oranges, Italy

Food fight! Food fight! Food fight!

For all you jolly travellers out there who love a friendly food fight, this one’s for you. This festival sees the town of Ivrea in Italy transform into a citrus battlefield with about 600,000 kgs of oranges being thrown at people. What’s more? It’s a symbolic war aiming to recreate a battle between the locals and the troops of Napoleon. If history, food and sheer fun is your thing, this festival is your calling!

4. Aespia, England

Think of art and escapism, combine the two and you’ll find yourself with a wonder called the festival of Aespia in England. An out of the world experience, Aespia takes you to a secret location in the woods, which requires you to let go of your reality and immerse yourself in an alternate world using art. Yep, when I said ‘unique’, I meant it.

5. Underwater Music Festival, USA

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Hey travelers! Looking for a unique event in a spectacular location?Check this out. The time is approaching for another edition of the most unusual music festival you'll ever see. The annual Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival takes place July 12 – 13 at Looe Key Reef in the beautiful Florida Keys. Music? Underwater? Confused? Take a look!!! . For more info, click here: http://candfltd.com/underwater-music-festival-only-in-the-keys-p384-204.htm . . #paidpromotion . #sponsored #uwmf #underwatermusicfestival #lowerkeys #lkcc #floridakeys #looekey #looekeyreef #comingsoon #us1radio #captianhooks #lkcc #lowerkeyschamber #lubelllabs #keyslife #keybillys #sunandfun #funky #inagoodway

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An event that began in the 1980s to raise awareness regarding the necessity to preserve the Keys’ coral reefs, now sees snorkelers and divers settle underwater to play mock instruments. If you’re looking for a unique music festival frequented by fish, this is your chance!

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