5 Spas in Bali That Define Ultra Luxe with their Settings

We all like being pampered at the spa once in a while. These elite spas of the world are setting travel goals for vacationers by offering indulgent therapies in exclusive natural settings.  By Mahika Dhar



  1. Thermes Marins, Ayana Resort & Spa

Luxury at its finest. Ayana is famous for its innovative approach to your regular spa treatment and instead transforms your stay into an experience that will not be forgotten. Their villas are often referred to as “spa on the rocks” as each villa is placed on a protruding rock, surrounded by the sea and the sound of crashing waves. Their treatments combine ancient rituals as seen in the 7 Chakra Dhara while also having modern methods such as the Underwater massage or the Aquatonic Pool.


  1. The Four Seasons Sayan Spa

Relaxation over here begins the second you enter the property. Spa villas are surrounded by a murky pool covered with lotus plants. This is smack dab in the middle of a dense growth of bamboo and banana trees. The outside world disappears in their enchanting scenery and one will find it almost impossible to leave. Their treatments include body scrubs, massages, holistic enhancers and their signature body wraps.



  1. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Situated next to Ayung River, Fivelements screams wellness. The treatments are deeply rooted in the island’s ancient traditions and aim to harmonise one with nature. Their exclusive experience includes Traditional Healing immersion, Blooming Beauty and A Signature Fivelements day.



  1. Vela Spa, The Ungasan

Visit this spa for the ultimate clifftop rejuvenation that exists, offered in spa villas or in the comfort and privacy of your own. Their treatments range from quick 45 minute relaxation blasts to three hours of constant cleansing. From Revitalising Coffee & Honey Body Scrubs To Green Tea Treatments, you’ll find your therapy of choice over here.


  1. Permata Ayung Spa

This spa’s architechture is purely incredible. The spa acts as a bamboo cathedral with all the individual rooms arising from the jungle, in pods made purely of bamboo. The experience also boasts impressive treatments from expert spa therapists


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