While khichudi and ilishmaachh tops our list for monsoon days when the incessant pouring brings the city of joy to a standstill, Kolkata has some of the absolute best brunch places hidden in the city. For every time the laze and haze of a monsoon day sets in, head out for a fulfilling brunch with your beau or friends. From the tradition-approved Bengali spread of luchi and aloo’r torkari to the creamiest pastas and English breakfasts — brunch is an extraordinary affair in Kolkata. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Flurys

It can’t be that any list of the best breakfast or brunches in Kolkata goes without Flury’s name on it. The name is synonymous to the rich cultural heritage and the British colonial past of Kolkata, which has shaped it in more ways than one. Their English breakfast platter is the most coveted in the city and even though it serves a limited fare of desserts, breakfast and coffee, you’ll never find the tables unoccupied at Flury’s.

2. Putiram Sweets

Bengalis sure know a thing or two about the most fulfilling brunch spread that satiates the hunger as much as it fills your soul. Yes, that’s what Putiram Sweets serve—absolutely soulful Bengali food. Radhaballavi and chhola’r daal have to be two of the most ordered items in the menu. However, if you’re at Putiram, you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the locals there who don’t shy away from showing off their hearty cuisine. P.S. If your meal doesn’t end with the sweets at Putiram, was it even an authentic Bengali brunch?

3. Sienna Cafe

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The sienna team works hard everyday to bring flavours and fresh ingredients together and present them in an innovative way on our handmade ceramics and artisanal wooden dishes. All of this to make our Sienna family smile. So when one notices it that it makes happy 🙃🙌🏽 Thank you @gastroboy101 for recognising our efforts and supporting our efforts. And lovely photos too 🙂 Repost: @gastroboy101 10. @sienna_store offers up these two delicious options. 1. Chicken Sausage and Fennel on Freshly baked Flatbread. 2. Avocado and Tortilla Salad. Apart from being a cafe, Sienna doubles up as a artsy co-work and a store selling quirky bags and clothes. The food is fresh, and service was by far one of the best one could find in the Park Street Area in Kolkata. This meal was also suprisingly filling for a pocket pinch of RS.750. #siennacafe #siennacafeparkstreet #foodandfun #siennacommune #calcuttascenes

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Aesthetic, mellow, ambient, tranquil—there are more adjectives than just these that describe the absolute vibe that Sienna cafe exudes, but its food surely has to be tasted to know just how organic, palatable and healthy it is. Their blue-everything, from tables to the mugs, is a welcoming sight. Their salads, coffee and fresh juices are known to the entire city’s populace. Read, talk, or just watching people spending hours at Sienna seems like the best plan for a lazy Sunday brunch.

4. Waterside Cafe

Hyatt in Kolkata houses the Waterside Cafe for those who like to really indulge in their brunch, sitting next to the water. A garden view in sight with global cuisines on the menu, Waterside Cafe is a sensory indulgence. What’s on the menu? A delectable North Indian and Continental fare. Well, besides the Sunday Brunch Buffet, of course. Tag along with your beau for a romantic brunch at this elegantly-decorated cafe for that long-anticipated brunch date. P.S. Don’t miss out on their waffles, brownies and mocktails.

5. 8th Day Cafe and Bakery

Some monsoon mornings are supposed to start late and meant to be spent sipping a hot cuppa with warm brownies, reading a book in a peaceful Calcuttan neighbourhood. If that is at a cafe as warm and welcoming as 8th Day, then nothing like it! Old-fashioned apple pies and cinnamon rolls, as well as banana bread and bagels have always been best friends with coffee, something that 8th Day Cafe boasts of. Truly this place is known amongst caffeine enthusiasts for serving some of the best brews in the city. We also like their selection of teas, pastas, sandwiches and salads. Basically, one plate of everything from their menu, please.

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