Bid Adieu To Long Lines At British Airports, Thanks To 3D Scanners

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Gone are the days of long security check lines! With 3D screening equipment for carry-on luggage, major airports of United Kingdom are set to speed up the screening process without compromising on security. By Bayar Jain

If you’re anything like me, chances are you pack your bags according to the long strenuous security check lines at airports. Putting small containers of liquids in plastic bags, and all my electronics in an easy-to-reach corner of my carry-on luggage. Travellers like me will now be spared of this tedious ritual, all thanks to a recent move by the British government.

According to an announcement by the United Kingdom government, a cutting-edge 3D technology will be rolled out at all major airports of the nation over the next three years. With the expectation of having the process up and running by December 2022, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement that the new technology will improve security. He also added that it could mean an end to passengers having to use plastic bags or rationing what they take away with them.

Under the current restrictions, passengers can only carry 100 millilitres of liquid in their carry-on luggage. Additionally, electronics such as laptops need to be fished out of the bag and placed in a tray before the check.

The second benefit, however, is more importance. Despite heavy security, currently some items cannot be detected on these scanners. Smarter technology will help eliminate these as well, enabling the authorities to anticipate any threats.

Speaking about the new screeners at the unveiling programme, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this move would help UK retain its position as the global business and tourism hub after Brexit. He further added that with millions using the airport as a destination or even a stopover to other parts of the world, this new equipment will help cut down hassle for travellers.

Currently, the London Heathrow airport is already conducting trails of this new security equipment. However, till the technology is in place at every airport, passengers will have to imbibe by the old rules.

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