F.R.I.E.N.D.S for many (including me) is not just a show but a consequential part of life. And how can a luxury travel portal like us serenade its silver jubilee? By giving you a list of places someone or the other in the show travelled to. Excited? Then keep reading! By Japleen Kaur

1. New York

The heart and soul of the series, where all the magic brewed while sipping on copious amounts of coffee. The Big Apple even has the sets of the show displayed for you to visit when on a trip there. Don’t forget to spend a day at the park with a doughnut though!

2. London

We got as excited as Joey when they all went to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding, however disastrous that turned out to be. Strolling along the British streets with a map in hand, that’s how we love to travel. The accent is just a huge plus point.

Pro Tip: Head to the bars during one of the football matches to really see the city come alive.

3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Or the ‘sooner city of America’ really is an old oil capital of Oklahoma but currently a bypass for road trips across the state. Still, if you’re an avid fan then you won’t miss being in the city where Chandler spent quite some time being miserable.

4. Westchester County

The countryside of Houston that Chandler and Monica eventually shift to have a hassle-free life, away from the city. The huge landscapes with greenery all around with those gorgeous villas sure made us imagine their life as a family there, right? Also, super relatable to run away from the metros.

5. Barbados

A weekend getaway for a conference by the characters was sure a riot but we got introduced to the beach place, so it’s a win-win for us. Serene beaches that make you want to laze around on the hammock all day or maybe get under water on a submarine tour, there is a lot to do there or none at all – whatever floats your boat!

6. Las Vegas

A road trip to Las Vegas, a drunken wedding, lavish buffet breakfast and casino nights — a sneak-peek into the party capital of the world was a treat to watch. You bet it’s better in person. There’s only one advice when there — go wild.

7. Athens, Greece

Athens was supposed to be the honeymoon destination for Ross and Emily but turned out to be a solo trip for Rachel. Though it wasn’t great for her, we disagree. Athens is breathtaking with the citadel, ancient architecture, museums and so much more. In fact solo tripping for girls around Greece is a major option today, and we’re pretty sure Rachel would nod to that.

8. China

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A work trip for Ross, and a new destination for us to put on the bucket list. Take a ride on the river aboard a bamboo raft, cycle around the tiny villages, admire the Shanghai skyline or hog on some yummy hot pot — so much to do in the most populous country on the planet.

9. Vermont

A romantic escape to the hills surrounded by farms, wineries, and local produce sounds like a scene straight out of a rom-com movie, and it sure is. Vermont has stunning scenery and even better vibes. Sipping on wine, hand in hand while watching the sun set in a distance — couples retreat FTW.

10. Montauk

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At their weekend home in #Montauk, the designers behind the firm Roman and Williams (@roman_and_williams_) let nature lead. The grass that blankets the only sizable expanse of lawn in Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch’s two-acre garden is about a hand’s width high and grows in lush whorls, like the coat of an English cocker spaniel. Standefer and Alesch — who founded their New York-based design studio in 2002 — bought this property over a decade ago and have since encouraged the grass to run luxuriantly amok. It is neither mowed nor neglected but rather nurtured each fall with an intensive regimen of organic fertilizer. “I want it long,” Standefer says. The couple’s house, pictured here, was built in the 1950s and has a cedar roof and white shingles set off by a bower of wisteria, Tardiva hydrangea and pale purple Agastache. Click the link in our bio to explore the property, featured in T's upcoming Design issue. Written by Alice Newell-Hanson (@a_m_n_h), photographed by Juliana Sohn (@juliana_sohn). #TDesignIssue

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Remember the time they all went down to a beachfront villa to ultimately find Phoebe’s birth mother? It was one of the best episodes because, a) insightful GK facts were thrown at us and b) Montauk became a destination that everyone wanted to head to, and c) it’s a quick weekend venture from NYC to hit the ocean or build sand castles. Just be careful of jellyfish stings.

11. Long Island

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Ferry-tripping Cooling down at a favorite spot, Orient Point, Long Island, after ferrying over from New London, CT. & finding some of the prettiest quartz ‘eggs’ in the world. BTW, little else beats the heat & the every-day-mundane than a cheap ticket daytripping on a ferry…Pack a lunch, some sunblock & water & just take a break from it all. #drbeachcomb #ferry #ferrytripping #quartz #quartzeggs rosequartz #beach beachcombing beachcomber #beachfinds #beachtreasures #exploring #daytrip #justplainolfun #orientpoint #newlondon #longisland #longislandsound #stones beachstones #coolingoff #iloveferries #summer #summerbeachtrip #beachtrip #shore #attgeshore #coast #coastallife ving #

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Cutesy cafes, carefree attitude, expensive shops and well the Hamptons all belong to Long Island, where Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler spent their childhood. A walk down the roads where the beach is on one end and on the other antique shops entice you to come in, will be extremely memorable.

12. Paris

Rachel got the offer to work in Paris, and while we wanted her to stay back for Ross, we also imagined her rocking all the looks in the fashionable country. That would have been an amazing twist!

Any locations that are missing from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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