Our swanky Indian international airports could do little when pitched against the leading airports of the world. If your ears have not caught the recent airport commotion, then here’s the thing. By Jasmine Kaur



In a third survey of 76 airports by Airhelp, a legal firm for flier grievances and compensation, Singapore Changi Airport has topped the list of the best airports in the world.  On the other end of the spectrum, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) and Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji  were dragged to the bottom, featuring in the worst 10 airports of the world. Shocking?


World's worst airports



The survey had some simple parameters by which they were negotiating marks on their score chart: timely flights, flight cancellations, and the quality of service. Unfortunately, our top four metro cities have taken the worst hits – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore- and didn’t fare well in any of these parameters.



Delhi airport failed the survey because of their massive fog delays and Mumbai airport for handling the congestion in air traffic poorly. Bangalore and Hyderabad airports were not far behind either. In January, at least one in four flights was delayed at these airports. As reports suggest, close to 8,000 people had to contend with delays beyond two hours on every single day of January.


What’s better?

But don’t you worry. There’s always some good everywhere. The Pune Airport received the highest ranking in terms of service by the Airport Authority Of India (AAI). Facilities that received brownie points:

  • Additional conveyor belts for baggage
  • new parking lots
  • a couple of imported aerobridges to enable passengers to move into the aircraft and from the aircraft to the terminal building directly.

Lucknow Airport on the other hand, with ASQ rating of 4.76, ranked second among the 11 airports surveyed for the best quality of service.


Why Did Changi Airport Win?

Apart from its beautiful architecture and interiors along with interesting attractions like the butterfly garden, it also truly lives up to the expectations of its passengers in every other way. With 3 Terminals for arrival and departure, it receives over 30 arrivals in an hour and ushers passengers to about 20-25 flights in the same duration. Spacious lounges, on-time flights with rarest possibilities of delays and a comfortable layover best describes the hub of aircrafts in Singapore.