Remember those days when your parents took you to United Coffee House for lunch, Keventers for milkshakes, and Wenger’s for a sweet treat? Those days are now over sadly, but on the upside, you now get to go to school at night for drinks. Yes, we are talking about the newly-opened Odeon Social, one of the hippest places in Connaught Place to hang out.

It is the third hangout by the brand in Delhi, and we couldn’t be more impressed with its location and concept. Set in the legendary Odeon building, this one takes you back to school with its trophies on the wall, the swing outside, typewriters, and school photographs. Add to that food served in tiffin boxes and drinks in water bottles, and you get the place you used to dream about during your boring history class. Don’t be surprised to see a skeleton straight out of your science lab. Funnily enough, the kitchen is called Home Science Lab and there is also the Principal’s Room.

During the day, you will see people with their laptops out, focusing on finishing that presentation or working on a design. It is after sunset that the party starts, and everyone gets into the mood of trying quirky drinks such as banta and hot shoddy; the long island iced tea is an old favourite with patrons of Social. The menu will again remind you of school—served in tiffin boxes, anda seekh parantha, black label butter chicken, bhurjee, and chilli cheese bread pakodas are some of the dishes that a group of old school friends will definitely appreciate.

Swing by at Odeon Social.
Swing by at Odeon Social.

With lots of comfortable couches, classroom-style benches, and even swings, it’s easy to get comfortable at Odeon Social. Now the question is, would you want this school to get over?

Address: 23, Odeon Complex, D Block, 1st Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001; 91/783-865-2814