Vistara’s new #VistaraFlyEarly scheme will now let you catch an earlier flight if you reach the airport before time. By Radhika Sikaria

As much as we enjoy shopping at the terminals before boarding a flight, this new provision by Vistara Airlines allows you to board on an earlier flight if there is seat availability at a non-refundable fee of ₹2,500.



Vistara’s new scheme can only be availed at the airport with the passenger’s presence being mandatory. You can approach the ticketing counter and request to pre-pone your flight. Much needed, especially if you’re travelling long distance and arrive at the airport four hours earlier than the boarding time! No more killing time at the airport, head straight to the counter hoping for an empty seat on an earlier flight, and ‘fly the new feeling’ as Vistara calls it.



#VistaraFlyEarly can only be availed on direct flights and for the booked sector; you cannot re-route or postpone the flight.  And the airline’s Platinum members can change their flights at no extra fee at all.

To read the terms and conditions, click here.