The US Embassy in New Delhi has issued a statement, stating that travellers across India should apply early for US tourist visas this summer as interview appointment wait times could increase to 30 days or more. By Pallavi Mehra


If you’re planning a fabulous vacation in New York City, Los Angeles or Miami, but haven’t booked your visa interview yet, we suggest you reserve your interview slot at the earliest! Since, the summer is peak travel season, expect delays in receiving US visa appointments. Recently, the US Embassy announced that they anticipate a summer rush, with interview appointment wait times to increase to 30 days or more. They anticipate this wait time to continue for at least the next few months. If you don’t want to be disappointed and want to avoid potential delays, the US Embassy recommends you hurry and book your appointment.


According to the report, there has been an increase in the demand for US non-immigration visas for Indian nationals by over 60% in the last five years. Additionally, over a million US tourist visas for Indian citizens are processed every year. Moreover, the US Embassy has emphasized the need to go through official channels only. “Applicants are also reminded to beware of scams and fraud.  The only way to get a U.S. visa is through official channels.  Anyone claiming they can guarantee a visa in exchange for a fee is attempting to defraud you,” the statement reported.


Given how long the current wait times are, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Learn about how to apply for US visas here.