We often feel hassled by passengers who lack in-flight etiquette. and while you come around a brand new one each time you fly, you may sometimes be unknowingly guilty of making these mistakes. So how can you be more careful? We got a global travel search engine called Skyscanner to give us their research. They asked their users to tell them what they thought was the worst in-flight etiquette they have both been subjected to and guilty of.


Travel etiquettes

While getting an upgrade or landing on time could be the perfect start to a much-needed vacation, the time spent in the aircraft could ruin everything. Skyscanner analysed over a 1000 travellers, was able to publish their findings of the percentage of people who were victims of this inappropriate in-flight etiquette. Take a look!

47% of travellers agreed the struggle for the arm rest tops the lists of the most annoying behaviour. Especially on long flights, when the neck is just about beginning to ache, it may be downright irritating to have your armrest taken away by an insensitive fellow passenger.

The other reasons found were:

  • Noisy kids (46%)
  • Overly chatty passengers (37%)
  • Left litter (33%)
  • Smelly food (29%)
  • Snoring passengers (25%)


There are always two sides of the story. If you were to ask yourself you might find yourself guilty of the following:

  • Waking up with bad breath (46%)
  • Itching (27%)
  • Losing your temper in flight (21%)
  • Drinking too much on board (9%)

After crunching the numbers, it was revealed that while 47% travelers are irked by noisy kids, only 8% travelers admit to letting their children run wild while flying. It would seem there’s no easy way to flying!