Griddle-hot chef Ranveer Brar and bartending legend Nitin Tiwari come together to curate menus at FLYP@MTV — a cafe/bar that brings together Viacom 18’s consumer products division, MTV and Funbar Hospitality.

Tiwari’s cocktails are an original blend of desi and the West, and we found three that are a must try!

Boom Boom from Thailand
Let’s call it the second craziest country in the world, this one’s literally a Thai Massage parlour on your table. Served in an apparatus that lets out soothing, cloudy smoke spiked with the aromas of a typical spa in Phuket, this one has Galangal, Kaffir Lime, Gin and our very own Kheera for some ‘short-time boom boom in your mouth’. Hope that didn’t sound too wrong!

Tall, dark and Irish from Ireland

Everyone goes to church in Ireland and the folks here love their brews Whiskey, Guinness beer and coffee. There is nothing better after a hard day than the mesh of these in look and feel. Tall and proud like the harp people topped with the 3C’s –Coffee, Coke n Coconut- The Indian Way! Ahem Ahem!! That’s all you will do.

Terimaki From Japan

It was only befitting to start our awesome range of international cocktails with by far the craziest country on the planet. Filled with a Japanese favorite, watermelons (yes they love them so much they grow heart-shaped melons), mixed with our own tulsi or Indian basil, side-kicked by wasabi peas & Vodka.        

What to Else

The cafe will have a MTV virtual museum, where you can explore the world of MTV through the decades with an Oculus and Controller. You can also select and play videos from the MTV Archive, or book your buddy for a hilarious Bakra – MTV Style. Don’t miss the virtual shelf of MTV merchandise where you can view in augmented form, and buy right away. There’s An MTV style recording studio complete with headphones, touch screens, microphones and cameras for those who can sing and want to experience ‘the real thing’. Here, you can actually record your song, review it and finally upload it.


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