It’s an adventure to cruise through the placid water on an Ocean Adventures vessel and get acquainted with the islands. A pioneer in wildlife expeditions, Ocean Adventures is a highly sought after Ecuadorian cruise operator that takes passengers on two Galapagos-based vessels: the 48-passenger M/V Eclipse, and the 16-passenger M/C Athala II, an adventure catamaran.

SundeckThe upscale M/V Eclipse is your perfect companion—large enough to tread through deep Pacific waters comfortably, and compact enough to dock at remote ports. This boutique ship cruise features spacious cabins, lots of open spaces, and al fresco dining, so you will be in safe hands as you embark on your journey. You will find the M/C Athala II even more exclusive as the catamaran takes only 16 passengers in all. A large sundeck, an open-air bar and al fresco dining, and well-appointed cabins contribute to make the experience rather yacht-like.Cabin 7-6310-HIGH

Both Eclipse and Athala offer five- and seven-night itineraries, guided by certified naturalists. On the islands, you follow marked trails, walking at a leisurely pace with your guide explaining the unusual sights; the itineraries also include activities like snorkelling, kayaking, and swimming.

Discover the Galapagos Islands where Darwin found inspiration for his evolution theory; drift past whales, sea lions, and giant tortoise; go snorkelling with fishes and sea turtles—all this while on board a comfortable Ocean Adventures vessel that gives you incredible access to nature and wildlife.

Blue Footed BoobyThough discovered 450 years ago, these islands have remained untouched by human development. There are inhabited towns but the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station keeps their activities under check; the status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site also helps. In fact, only a group of 16 people along with a naturalist guide is allowed to enter a site at once; and food and drinks are prohibited there. It is also a mandate to clean soles of shoes after excursions to avoid transfer of seeds between islands. Your guide on the cruise will familiarise you with all these rules, and help you realise their importance.




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