SPYSCAPE is not a traditional museum, it’s an interactive espionage museum created by real spies. Dodge lasers. Crack codes. Lie successfully and spot liars. Uncover your inner spy at SPYSCAPE! By Pallavi Mehra


SPYSCAPE a modern interactive museum comprising real spy stories, gadgets and exciting spy tasks. It’s also a journey of discovering your own spy abilities and learning about the type of spy you’d make if you ever had the chance. At SPYSCAPE, you are handed digital wristbands so that you can track your spy skills while completing challenges in six different categories—Encryption, Deception, Surveillance, Hacking, Special Ops, and Intelligence.






At SPYSCAPE, you begin with a debrief, which introduces you to the world of espionage. In an exhilarating Encryption Challenge, you discover how to code and decode messages. In Deception, you learn how to catch a liar, and to lie persuasively! Next, keep your eyes on the target in the museum’s 360° Surveillance Challenge. Afterwards, determine how to protect yourself online and learn about real life hackers at the Hacking Bar. Move on to the museum’s thrilling Special Ops Challenge where your Quantico dreams become a reality.


Based on how you perform in the challenges, discover the kind of spy you would make. The museum’s profiling system, which was developed by a former head of training at British Intelligence, will assign you one of 10 spy roles that include Analyst, Hacker, Surveillance Officer, Intelligence Operative or Special Ops Officer, among others.