Chances are you will have to put off that long-awaited summer vacation in Shimla for a while as a major water crisis has gripped thehill station due to inadequate rainfall. By Shikha Pushpan


Probably the most popular destination among the holidayers in northern India, Shimla is bearing the brunt of a dry winter. With taps running dry for the eighth consecutive day, locals were seen forming serpentine queues to collect water from tankers and private water suppliers.


The crisis comes at a time when the city is buzzing with holidaying crowd from across the country. According to news reports, the drinking water supply has dropped to less than 50 per cent of the requirements.


The Himachal Pradesh high court took suo moto cognizance of the matter today and asked whether any new construction should be allowed in the municipal limits in face of the water shortage. The Himachal Bar Association has stopped working citing the crisis. Reports suggest the water crisis has been a recurring phenomenon since the last few years, but it is particularly bad this time, if not in the last 20 years.


According to officials, the poor rains and snowfall during last season, coupled with the decline in the availability of water at two main supply schemes—Giri and Gumma—has led to the crisis.


How Can You Help?

For one, cancel your booking to the city. Hotels have been forced to buy water at exorbitant rates, forcing smaller properties to cancel bookings and causing general price hikes for locals. Visiting now will only add to the problem of the locals.