Might sound ironic but there are some quiet beaches in India where you can stretch out peacefully, safe from prying eyes of onlookers, hawkers, or monkeys.


Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep
An uninhabited island, Bangaram beach presents a wallpaper setting of powdered white sand flirting with azure water. This beach peppered with swaying palms is called the jewel of Lakshadweep. A special note to couples: it is a secluded island, where nothing will break your romantic moment. Read a book under the shadow of an umbrella, lounged on a hammock or explore marine life—you’ll realise that the beach is as laidback as it is adventurous. Another thing to sway you in its favour—this is the only place in the Lakshadweep where you can indulge in alcoholic beverages, so yes, bring an icebox.

Rishikonda Beach, Vizag
Rishikonda is about eight kilometres away from Visakhapatnam. The effect of golden sands meeting crystal water conjures the picturesque setting. For those who won’t be satiated with just the atmosphere, it also offers water sports such as surfing and boating.

Kaup Beach, Karnataka
A little village tucked away in South Karnataka, Kaup (Kapu) is famous for its ancient Krishna temple, a fort commissioned by Tipu Sultan, and its splendid beach. Other than students from a nearby town, this beach sees few occasional visitors, which means it’s a lovely place to take a pause. After digging into local cuisine at the shack, leave your mark on sand as you wander towards the 100-foot lighthouse rising above the coastline. Built in 1901, it still brings boats safely to shore and visitors can climb up here to see the stretch of the golden beach.

Cola Beach, Goa
When it’s Goa, you should go expecting crowd. Just a handful of spots have managed to stay off the radar and one of them is Cola beach. Splash around all day in the fresh water lagoon and share a private moment as you watch the setting sun. You’ll have to hop on a scooter and scurry to this cove; no public transport reaches here.

Marari Beach, Kerala
The village of Mararikulam, not far from Alleppey, has a secret spot where vacationers are met with fresh air, rushing waves, and skilled fishermen. Surrounded with coconut groves, Marari is also famous for its healing Ayurvedic treatments. When there, consult a physician at Marari Beach Resort to set up a table at the Ayurvedic centre for you. Pedal through the sleepy lanes of the village, and laze on the beach that offers much more privacy and exclusivity than Kovalam.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman
Oddly known as Beach number 7 on the popular Havelock Island, it casts a spell on you with its silky sand and turquoise waters that invite you in for a dip, and a row of coconut trees breaking the blue and white with emerald.