We’ve all heard about the negative impact that flying has on the environment. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint, you can take these steps to minimize it on your next holiday. By Pallavi Mehra


Carbon Footprint is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual. Naturally, when you use power in any form, you help release carbon dioxide. These small steps can help you create awareness as you practice them.


  • Travel light: Packing smartly and efficiently not only benefits you, but also reduces your airplane’s carbon emissions. Carry clothes and items that you really need and that are multipurpose


  • Fly economy: A World Bank study has declared that the carbon footprint for a business class traveller can be nearly three time more than an economy class passenger.


  • Take a more direct route: A direct flight is more convenient, will save you time, and is also more fuel efficient than flying with stopovers.


  • Travel by bus or train for short distances: For short distances, travel by train, bus or car over an airplane. According to a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, travelling by bus results in 55% to 75% fewer emissions than flying.


Reduce Carbon Footprint



  • Pick an eco-friendly hotel: Before booking your hotel, check its website for a Responsible Travel or Environment section. Choose a hotel that has taken the effort to be low-impact.


  • Eat local: Try to choose restaurants that are environmentally conscious and that use local ingredients. Ingredients that are transported long distances add to your carbon footprint.


  • Pick companies that are environmentally friendly: While travelling, choose companies that have the best environmental practices and that support local communities.


  • Use public transport: Use public transport if you’re travelling to a city with an efficient and safe public transportation. If you have to take a car, carpooling is a great option.


  • Pack a water bottle: Carry your own reusable water bottle on your vacation. Using a reusable bottle will keep you from wasting the several plastic bottles you might have used.


  • Sign up for a tour: Walking tours, bike tours and bus tours are great ways to see a new city while still being environmentally conscious.