Call him an artist, an entrepreneur or a designer, Jayesh Sachdev, co-founder and partner at Quirk Box, is a bundle of surprises. From growing up in the by-lanes of Pune to being a communications student in Singapore, and receiving awards like the British Council Recipient for the Top Five Art Entrepreneurs in India at the age of 28, Jayesh believes his label is an extension of his personality. He has the national record for painting India’s largest concept artwork and is a TEDx Speaker. “I’m hugely inspired by architecture and can often be seen around cathedrals and old souks,” he says.



Quirk Box is all about pop, artsy, eccentric clothes, and accessories for those who relish the art and design combo. A distinct feather in his artistic cap is his project that turned Ravi Varma paintings into cool pop art! Having held exhibitions in New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore, his art can be seen on the walls of French Royalty and Bollywood alike.


Jayesh has founded the brand with Rixi Bhatia. A designer, entrepreneur, and art enthusiast, she has graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, and together they bring kitschy designer products to life.


Check out his Instagram profile to see more of his designs.