Almost 76 years after Anne Frank went into hiding from the Nazis, the once-secret entries from the Jewish teenager’s diary are now out. By Shikha Pushpan


In what has come across as a pleasant surprise to millions of Anne Frank followers, the two previously hidden pages from her famous diary have been uncovered using modern image processing technology, revealing the young author’s “dirty jokes” and thoughts about sex, puberty, and prostitution. The contents on the two pages, where brown paper was pasted over the writing, were a subject of immense curiosity for over seven decades. However, thanks to modern technology, the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam has been able to uncover the entries dated September 28, 1942. The two pages carried five crossed-out phrase, four “dirty jokes”, and 33 lines.


“I’ll use this spoiled page to write down ‘dirty’ jokes,” Frank says in the entry. One of her jokes read: “Do you know why the German girls of the armed forces are in the Netherlands? As a mattress for the soldiers.”


Talking about how young women start their menstrual cycle around the age of 14, Frank says “It’s a sign that she is ready to get into a relationship with a man, but of course one does not do that before one is married.” She goes on to give a candid description of her thoughts on prostitution: “All men, when they are normal, go with women on the street. Such women talk to them and then they go together. In Paris, there are big houses for that. Dad has been there.”




Anne Frank


While the revelation of the young author’s secret thoughts is giving us major nostalgic pangs, enjoy reading her other three jokes.


  • “A man comes home at night and notices that another man shared the bed with his wife that evening. He searches the whole house, and finally also looks in the bedroom closet. There is a totally naked man, and when that one man asked what the other was doing there, the man in the closet answered: ‘You can believe it or not but I am waiting for the tram.’ “


  • “A man had a very ugly wife and he did not want a relationship with her. One evening, he came home and he saw his friend lying in bed with his wife and the man said: ‘He does and I have to!!!!’ “


  • “A man and a woman had a relationship, and after a few months the woman’s belly was getting disturbingly big. Then, the man called a doctor who said: ‘It’s just air, Mrs., just air!!!” The man replied: ‘I am not pumping air, am I?’ “