You don’t have to be a pilot to own aircraft propellers. You can even get them customised to your liking. At WoodFeather, owned by Akshay Sharma, each propeller is a personal story: made of a single piece of wood, inspired by a theme, given a name, and embodying an emotion. He tells us his story.





The wooden propellers we produce, mean more than just artifacts to me—they symbolise the soaring spirit of a person. I initially wanted to be a pilot and have worked in tens of different industries and setup five of my own ventures. Earlier in my career, most people thought I was all over the place. I soon realised that I couldn’t be satisfied in my comfort-zone. That’s when I ventured out doing my own thing.


My first sale was the most memorable. It was a pop-up shop where we were displaying our products for the first time. There was a gentleman who saw a standee of our propellers and waited for almost three hours before I arrived with the props. He chose one as soon as I unwrapped the packaging. I had found my first customer even before the product was put on display. Daniel Manoharan, is saved in my phonebook, as the first customer of WoodFeather!





Our propellers are made from a single piece of solid wood and crafted by hand. Once shaped and sanded, the actual finishing takes several days to achieve and is done with high quality polishes, paints and lacquers. Some classic designs even have brass tipping on the blades and metal hub discs which are hand molded by skilled artisans who work with light and heavy metals.


Every piece goes to five different workshops, where highly skilled and experienced craftsman and artisans do their magic to bring the propeller to life.You can watch the video on Youtube to see the process in detail.


Making propellers is a great stress-buster for me and a creative relief from routine work. I love the skies! I’m really hopeful that I will get a chance to visit outer space if technology advances to affordable space tourism during my lifetime.