The trial runs of passenger ferries from Mumbai to Goa are underway and soon you will have a more scenic route to reach your favorite party destination. By Pallavi Mehra


We’ve all bore the brunt of frightfully expensive flight tickets to Goa during peak season. Not anymore. A much-awaited cruise line from Mumbai to Goa is expected to ease the burden of travel to the party capital of India. According to the Mumbai Trust Port (MbPT) officials, this ferry will be operational once all trial runs are completed. Goan hotels have also been requested to construct floating jetties to ferry passengers to their resorts. This Mumbai – Goa ferry service should help reduce pollution, add another mode of transport to the busy Mumbai – Goa route and help showcase the gorgeous Konkan coast. The new cruise will depart from Mumbai and make stops in Dighi in Raigad, Dabhol and Jaigad in the Ratnagiri district, Vijay Durg, and Malvan, before docking in Panjim.


In the past, Mumbai and Goa have had an active sea route. In the ‘60s, there were steamers taking passengers from and to Mumbai and Goa, and then in the ‘90s, there was a more luxurious hovercraft that was discontinued in 2004. It will be interesting to see how the new ferries would cut travel time, considering it took seven hours on the same route via ferry earlier. Speculation is ripe about what these passenger boats will look like: reports suggest that they could be air-conditioned luxury cruise liners with a capacity of 200 to 300 passengers or smaller, more economical commuter ships. Other details, such as price and timings are yet to be revealed too.