I am crazy about motorcycles. I own quite a few babies, and the latest additions to my brood are the Mojo 300cc, Yamaha MT 09, and of course, my prized Ninja ZX 1400 RR—the only one of its kind in India. I love the rugged and towering mountains.

Euro Trip
My most memorable trip was in 2008 when I thundered through 3,000 miles in Europe, from Italy to Austria. It was a spontaneous decision as I had just wrapped up the shoot of a film in Venice and wanted to get away on my own. I rode through the scenic Dolmiti range on a BMW 1200. What made this special was that I was all by myself and the experience spelt sheer Zen for me. It was a challenging ride because of the slippery snow. On the way, I was joined by a bunch of trained European riders. They didn’t know me, and I didn’t know them, and that is what added to the spectacular experience. What a ride!

Lahaul-Spiti Valley
Kunzum La is one of India’s highest motorable mountain passes. It is a dirt track— hardly a road that links Kulu and Lahaul valleys to Spiti. It makes for a brilliant ride. I was shooting for the film Paap in 2006 in nearby Kaza, and still remember the moment I reached the crescent-shaped Chandra Tal Lake—in the still of the night at around 10:30pm it looked amazing. Moonlight filled the entire lake that mirrored the silent mountains around it. It was simply surreal—like sitting in a stadium of nature. The simplicity and beauty of the moment actually brought tears to my eyes.

Jalalabad Route
I love the scenic beauty of Afghanistan. I have never seen a cobalt blue sky in any other part of the world. I stayed on for a month after we wrapped up the shoot of Kabul Express. It was a fabulous experience riding around Shomali and the Jalalabad route.

Amongst other locations, I find Miami rocks a confluence of cultures. In the three months that I was there while shooting for Dostana I hung around a lot at Lincoln Street. Miami has fabulous beaches and the perfect weather all year round. The city carries the unmistakable warm influence of Latin America.