If you’re a veteran traveller who’s been there, done that, it’s time you take the big guns out to dig deeper into your favourite travel destinations. Welgrow Travels, a luxury holiday planner prides itself in  chalking out your itinerary just the way you’d like. Except, it’s got surprises up its sleeve; you’ll love how the most popular and visited destinations like Greece and Italy have secrets still waiting to be discovered, including those where probably Google will fail. Yes, you heard us right. 





Stay at gorgeous properties, dine at hard to-book restaurants, snooze on castaway islands—luxury travellers are known to spend enviable vacations in Greece.Take a trip to Mount Athos to explore some of the 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries; gasp as you stand at a vantage point to view the 16-kilometre-long canyon at the Samaria Gorge; bring back memories of stunning sunsets on the volcanic island of Santorini. Get your nocturnal side out in Mykonos and Crete, two islands known for their thriving nightlife.


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St. Panteleimon Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece.





A dreamy coastal holiday under the Californian sun is what wish lists are made of. Rent a super car and drive along the beach for dramatic views of the city; visit the Redwood National Park to see the tallest trees in the world (at 300 feet); feel the air at Dante’s View, a terrace that overlooks the Death Valley- North America’s driest and hottest area. The itinerary also features a  trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most photographed bridges in the world and Sea World San Diego where you watch dolphins, walruses, killer whales and polar bears go about their business.


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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco,California.



The Caribbean Private Islands


Seamless logistics are one of the perks of travelling with a luxury holiday curator like Welgrow Travels. So when long distances become easier to traverse, you can relax and watch your vacation unfold. The Caribbean Sea is where some of the fanciest private islands find home, no wonder, even celebrity-spotting is mundane for islanders. Choose from Turk and Caicos, St Barts, St Lucia, or the British Virgin Islands for a luxury resort and enjoy snorkeling the crystal waters, sunbathing anywhere on the vast, less-crowded beaches, or order room-service and enjoy the sea in the privacy of your villa.


A pool in a resort in Turk and Caicos.
A pool in a resort in Turk and Caicos.





The Amalfi Coast, a 50-kilometre stretch of the Italian coastline is laden with heritage and culture hot spots, luxury fashion boutiques and contemporary art galleries, fine dining establishments and wine or cocktail bars. Explore on foot as you vanish behind the turns in cobbled alleys to land at a hidden café or perhaps a bakery sitting protected in the fragrance of freshly-baked cookies. Then be whisked off to Sardinia, often referred to as the forgotten island of Italy. Here, walk through piazzas to arrive at Roman ruins, museums, and old churches; be outnumbered by vespas that zoom through the pretty boulevards; and stop at al fresco restaurants for quick bites.


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Three young women standing up in open back seat of Italian taxi, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.



-Anwesha Sanyal